Behind The Gel(Marcel FanFic)

Day after day Marcel was bullied. His reputation was strong set, the nerdy boy with the gelled hair. Although, he had a goal. And that was to prove all his bullies wrong. Alongside his best friend, Emma, he was going to show Holmes Chapel High School that there was more to him then just brains and hair gel. Those "popular" jerks were going to regret overlooking him because of his appearance on the outside. Marcel had a secret. A secret that would change his life, and reputation, forever.


1. Chapter 1!

"I can't take it anymore! I wish everyone would stop bullying me!"16 year old Marcel complained to his best friend since childhood, Emma(She looks like Emma Watson around age 16). Currently, Marcel was sat upon the counter top in Emma's bathroom, while she cleaned his wounds which formed when he experienced his daily beating by his bullies after school.

"I know Marcel. I know." Emma sighed, dabbing medicine on a cut on Marcel's cheek.

"Everything was fine until Johnny came along! Why can't he just move back to Australia?!" Marcel groaned as the medicine stung his wounds. Emma shook her head, hating seeing her friend in so much pain.

Johnny Appleseed. Girls swooned over his adoring Australian accent, and "flawless" face. Although, he was feared by nearly everyone, even teachers. He held the title of being Holmes Chapel High School's biggest bully. Johnny didn't approve of Marcel's appearance, therefore no one did. Not willingly, but out of fear. Everyone was to scared to befriend Marcel, as they didn't want to face the wrath of Jonny. If someone went against Johnny's likings, he made sure to make their life a living hell. Thankfully, Emma wasn't fazed by Johnny's threats, and stuck along Marcel's side.

"I just wish there was a way I could prove everyone wrong! Show them that bulling me was the biggest mistake of their life!" Marcel exclaimed.

"I do too, Marcel. I do too." Emma sighed, everyday they had this conversation, and never came up with away to prove Marcel's bullies wrong.

"WAIT!" Marcel shouted, hopping off the counter, catching Emma's attention. "I know how I'm going to prove everyone wrong!"

"Really?!" Emma exclaimed, a smile on her face. "How!?"

"Gosh I'm so stupid!" Marcel shouted excitedly. "How could I have never thought of this before!?"

"MARCEL!" Emma shouted, breaking him from his mini freak out. He looked over at her confused.

"What's your great solution?!"

"I have a secret, Emma. A secret I've never told anyone about before. Well except my mum. But this secret may help me prove EVERYONE wrong, or it may help me embarrass myself in front of thousands." Marcel paused.

"What is it Marcel!?" Emma shouted, jumping up and down. "Come on dude what is it?!"

"I can sing."


Well there's he first chappie! What ya think? If I get 2 comments saying they like it and I should continue the story, then I will!

Oh and btw, Johnny Appleseed(Hehehe the name) looks like Liam Hemsworth!

Emma looks like Emma Watson.

And well it's pretty obvious who Marcel looks like...hehe.

BTW I will make this story romantic/funny/awesome. LOL

Well thank you for reading, please FAVORITE/LIKE/COMMENT!:Dxx



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