Lexi is a 18 year old girl, she loves her friends. this is a love story she falls for her best friend but eventually they split. she may find some one to bring her out of her depression from her X but oh no's.


9. 9

tristen P.O.V.


Me and Lexi went to my car we got in the car and Lexi triad to tern on the car music. but I just tend it bake of.I new she was tiring to not talk about what just happened.

so way did you run away from me. i said.

I don't wont to talk about that right now sorry. she said tiring not to look at me.

you have to stop saying no every time I ask you things what are bad that happened to you. you cant just cheep them to your self I no it harts you.

I can do what ever I.

Lexi just stop right now we need to talk about this right now. there is no bedder time then now. we need to talk about stuff like this we chant cheep it all up in us. you need to get it out now.

not  right now to soon. she was looking out the window.

when is it ever going to be good for you. you all was ignore me now ever sens you broke up with Austen.

I do not ignore you I'm all was with you how can I ignore you.

ummmm I don't now maybe not telling me things when you are hart. you all was tooled me what was rung when you were with Austen its just the same. 

its not the same at all not at all god. she yelled at me look down at the floor of the car.

how is it different. as she interrupted me 

I don't wont to talk about this lets just get home and then maybe I well.

fine just done come to me when you need to talk to some one. lave me Alon for now.

when we got to my house she ran in to the front door and I when in to the living room she was in my room. I'm pretty shear she is crying right now I felt bad but I mean she was ignoring me there was no reason for that.


lexi P.O.V.

I was in his room and I was looking at picks of me and him. he had one on his desk I grabbed it and just looked at it and remembered all of the good times. then a tiers fell from my face. I tuck out  the pick of me and him. I tor it into half so there was just me. then I got a text from Lola and it said.


I ran out into the other room getting ever thing of Lola's and min. then I went down steers and ran out of the room and Tristan was standing right by the door looking at me I ignored him and just walk out he said. 

what the hell are you doing you cant lave.

I can lave when ever I wont. you done controller me and you never well. I left running down the rod living all my staff right in front of his houses. when I got to my houses I did not see Lola the only person I say was my mom and dad.

where the hell is Lola.

we don't  say that in are home young lady.

I don't give a fuck. tell me were she is now.

you have gone to far now. my dad punch me so herd I got knockout. when I woke up you well not bevel where I was.


Astens P.O.V.


When I got home from the party the only thing I code thick about  was Lexi and what she was doing. I desisted  to go to her houses. I finally got there and walk up to the door when I was just about to knock on the door it seemed like there were fighting happening. right when I tender around I Herd a big scream. it sound like Lexi I new that was a scream for help I kid done the door. and say Lexi on the floor knockout I walk up to her dad and knockout him. her mom ran out the door I piked up Lexi and tuck her to my houses I put her in my bed and whited for her to whack up. she opened her ayes she was looking at me in shock. I just said it is really let you need to sleep. so she closed her ayes and went bake to sleep I held her in my arms and just tiring to sleep to.




hop you gases like it

love all of you I well post tomorrow

an tell next time love you 





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