Lexi is a 18 year old girl, she loves her friends. this is a love story she falls for her best friend but eventually they split. she may find some one to bring her out of her depression from her X but oh no's.


16. 16

Lexi P.O.V


I wake up and notes thet trek was not in my room. I walk done steers to see if he was making breccias or reading the newspaper with my uncial . But of cores he was not. I don't no way but I was kinda hoping he would be. But I need to stop thinking about Trek I have the best boyfriend ever Tristan. Witch I almost for got that we were going to hang out to day. I ran bake up steers to take a shower and driest. I put on a crop top that seas( bitch pleeees !! ) and my hie wasted shorts. oh and cant forget my zens and Penna. now that I got all my stuff done. I can hop in to my rad car and fly though the wined to my boy toys house. When I got to his nice ass pleas I didn't see hes car.  "so I guess he is not  home. I guess I should just got hang out with June. I miss her any  ways". I hop bake into my car and drive away to Junes houses. she was not home to. "now something is up".  I decide to go to the park and just read a book. I now I now you may thank that is weird but no this park is big. I was on this nice big hill I cooed see every thing from their. " well are you following me Missy" it was trek. "well i don't no I I'm" "sheer you don't no what I'm talking about" as I nudged him in the arm. "you now you are so weird right" as he nudged me bake. " of chores I no I'm weird "  I stand up and tell him if he wont a raid home. " yeah I mien what is the point of walking all the way here just to walk all the way bake " "yeah lets go " we were walking bake and talking about all about a lout of different things. I don't now there is just some thing sweet about him. we got to the car and got in I tuck off and we were talking. " you no you are Reilly cut " " well you are to " oh stop your going to make me blush " and after that all we cooed do is leaf. I dropped him off and left to go to.


tristens P.O.V.

this person oh sent me this messeig was kinda creepy. I decide to look for this person so I followed Lexi around. she was already at my house so then she went to Junes and that was just a wast of time. then she went to the park and red a book tell 4:30 it was a long time to what for some thing to happen. then trek should up. I was soo pissed I just wonted to go up to him and punch him. they were talking about rally weird stuff. Lexi got up I was hoping she was going to just walk away from him.But no she ask if he needed a raid home. I was just about to walk up to her and tell her hell no you are not giving him a raid home. But I didn't. as Lexi touch him home I went and parked in some random driveway to see were Lexi was going to go next. and of cores she doss not go the way to her houses she gos to the vow point I say that trek hoped in to his car and followed her now that is creepy. But I mean he wont heart her. So I trust he well beaning her home safely. 


trek P.O.V.

when Lexi dropped me off I nudest that she didn't go the right way to her houses so I hoped into my moms car and followed her to were ever the hell she was going. when we got there she got out and when and sat on a big rock. I hied no idea way. I got out of the car and walk up to her. " I thought you were going home " "I thought I just brout you home " " yeah you did I just wonted to no way you are up here "  " sorry just having a though time. but any ways I come up here to thank "  " well i can see way its Reilly nice up here" "yeah it is " she got up and was walking away from me. I ran up to her to stop her. looking into her battfel  eyes of hers I just had to. so I kissed her and she didn't reject me I was so surprised. 



well what will happen when Tristan fiends out that trek and Lexi kissed.sorry it was so short.

hop you guys liked it. an tell next time love you 


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