To Write Love on Her arms

Aspen is a girl who has the world at her feet. In school she's a cheer leader, hangs out with all the popular girls and always gets lucky enough to date the hottest boys in school. As for Dakota hipster wallflower he doesn't have many friends and doesn't go out that much and didn't have any chance at getting with one of the girls hottest girls in school...or so he thought. It all changed for both Aspen and Dakota when they went out on a date on Valentines Day and they both fall in love with each other.

Aspen thought she'd live happily ever after with Dakota and as we all know all good things come to an end. For Aspen, an abrupt out of the blue horrifying end. Dakota went missing, and then she lost herself. Aspen became depressed and started self harming. There was one problem...Aspen knew who out of anyone that would know where her love had gone off missing to. To bad they both hate each other.

Will Aspen ever find out what happened to Dakota and will she ever love again?


4. Valentines Day

         I was wearing a blue kashmir sweater that my mom passed down to me with white leggings and black stilettos. As I walked down stairs to wait for Dakota in my living room my dad walked into the house from work. He stared at me for a moment.


             "Is Tom coming to pick you up and take you out to dinner tonight or something?" my dad asked. I shook my head no.


         "Tom and I broke up last week..." I said brushing it off. 


          "Well then who are you seeing tonight then?" My dad asked raising and eyebrow.


          "Some kid from my English class, it was so sweet her wrote me a letter and gave me a rose," I tell him with a smile. My dad nodded his head in approval.


            "Sounds like a decent kid, make sure you're home by eleven okay?" I shook my head and then the door bell rang. "Looks like your date is here. Have fun, but not to much fun."


           "Thanks dad," I said walking over to the door when it rang for the second time. I open it and there he was at my door wearing the same sweater he wore to school that day his Obey sweat shirt only now he was wearing a grey Reckless snap back spun back wards on his head letting his brown curls stick out and his big frames. 


             "I watched your dad pull into the drive way, so I drove around the block one more time so it wouldn't be like we walked in together." Dakota said looking at me with his big brown eyes. "Well these are for you," he said pushing a banquet of long stemmed roses in front of him. 


              "Oh my gosh these are beautiful thank you so much," I said taking them and cradling them in my arms like a new born. "I'm just going to put these in my room if you don't mind." I said. I went upstairs careful that I didn't twist my ankle on my way up. I smelled my roses and they smelled sweet and fresh. Not like they were sitting in a grocery store or a gas station in old mucky dirty water. I placed them down on my bed next to where the note he wrote me lays open. I check in my mirror to make sure that my make up was the way when I had gone down stairs originally which is perfect.


                I went back down stairs and Dakota's standing there with a weird crooked smile. "There's a catch." He said as I approach the last stair. " You need to put this on," he said pulling a bandanna out of his back pocket. "It's a surprise." 


                 "You're not going to kill me are you?" I asked as I step closer to him. 


                 "No, I'm not one of those psycho maniac killers that are mentioned on the news. I just want this to be special for you, that's all." Dakota said holding me by my shoulders and spinning me around so my back is turned to face him. He holds my hair in his hands and moved it to the left side of my head and his hand brushes the back of my neck ever so slightly. Shivers went down my spine giving me the goose bumps on my arms. How could a stranger have such a strong impact on me, on anyone for that matter? I've never spoken to him before...besides that one extra help. Gosh he was being such a douche why am I going out on a date with him again? 


             "Okay good," I say as he ties the bandanna around my eyes. And then my vision went black. I was blind from the world and letting a stranger guide the way. For some reason, I felt safe with him.


              "You have to trust me okay?" Dakota said so close to my ear.


              "I trust you," I said. Dakota then held my hand and lead me out the door. We stepped down my front porches steps and from there on I was completely oblivious to everything else that was happening around me. I listened to Dakota open a door. His car duh, I thought. 


               "Okay I just need you bend a little bit and sit down." he said. I did as I was asked and I sat down in a cushy car chair that hugged my body as I sat down. I felt as Dakota buckled me in and shut the door. I hear another door open and close and then we were on our way to some place magical. Or at least I'm hoping, because he's going through all this trouble.


                 "Thank you for actually agreeing to go on this date with me," Dakota said as we drove to the mystery place.


                   "Don't need to thank me, I owe it to you. Remember, you had asked me a couple months ago...when you were playing the guitar?" I asked.


                   "Oh yes, I do remember. I'm really sorry about that I was being such a dick." Dakota said.


                  "No it's fine I'm used to it." I told him. I felt the car stop, we were at a red light because the car was still on.


                     "Well you shouldn't be, I just didn't know how else to go about it." Dakota said, "We're almost there."  We drove the rest of the way in silence. How could I let a boy this caring just slip my view. I was just to busy messing around with the pretty boys who were assholes I guess. Suddenly the car stopped. "Okay we're here, keep your blind fold on though," Dakota said turning the car off and getting out. He unbuckled my seat belt and held my hand and helped me out of the car. 


                       We walked for about five minuets, listening to the crunch of leaves below our feet. And then he ordered me to sit down. "Okay now five, four, three, two, one, remove your blind fold." Dakota said. I untied my bandanna and I was in the most beautiful place ever. Dakota had set up a table with two chairs with food in the center of the table and white Christmas light strung on tree branches to give us light.


                       "Why haven't you been in my life until now?" I asked amazed. I felt special. A complete stranger was making me feel like I was the most important person on the face of the planet. I stared at him from across the table and he stared back, his dark eyes piercing me. He was the only person up until that day that I could hold a stare with without laughing. When he finally spoke I wanted to cry.


                        "I was always in your life Aspen, you were just to good to ever realize. I'm not good enough for you, I don't deserve you and I know that but I'm just asking for a fair chance. Just go on a couple of dates with me and then decide that you want nothing to do with me before you just decide to shut me out." I looked at him straight in the eyes. I felt my eyes well with tears. I shook my head and let tears flow.


                            "I'm sorry I'm usually not like this," I say wiping my tears with the back of my hand. " I-I-I don't know what to say...I'm sorry, I tend to do that a lot with people. I wish I had gotten to know you sooner...but I feel like I've known you my entire life already." I told him and he smiled.



                           After that he consoled me and told me not to feel bad. The rest of the night we talked, he played his guitar and danced and laughed and hugged and had the best Valentines Day ever thanks to Dakota. I agreed to see him again, and I called him as soon as he dropped me off back home.


                           "I knew you'd call." He said when he picked up the phone and we talked for hours more. We went on three more dates and I was smitten by the shy, cute, calm, sensitive hipster boy who stole my heart on Valentines Day in front of the whole class. We started dating during the middle of March but it only took me that one night to fall in love. 

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