if all my dreams came true

when savannah tera destiny is found all by herself, which one of her five friends will take her in, or will she stay alone, with only her cat to comfort her at home, she has to face bullies, teachers, cyber bullies, and threats by celebrities for no reason, how will she live, will she fall in love, will everyone and everything she cares about be destroyed, and only from her communicating or being around them, find out, please read


2. new threat

when i cautiously take my seat next to the guy who almost killed me two years ago, he doesn't look at me, which is strange, before he tried to kill me and someone called the cops he would give me death stares every time he saw me, who knows, maybe he got over it, and maybe he didn't

"why are you looking at me like that" he looks at me, i turn away and get out a pencil and notebook

"so your just going to ignore me, not ask me why im here, if im going to kill you" he remembers

"well maybe i just don't want to talk to you" i truly wanted to ask him a thousand questions, but i couldn't, i wasn't going to let him figure out to weaken me, not again

"that's fair enough, and since your the only one i really know here can you show me around a bit" his arm touches mine, i adjust myself so im facing him

"why, cant you ask someone else" i say and the teacher walks up behind me

"i don't see why you couldn't, i think it would be great since you two already know and trust each other" she says, i slump down in my chair

"fine, at lunch, i don't eat here anyway" he nods and we get to our school work


shanes POV


after what happened to savannah i feel horrible, not being with her, but we'll see her at lunch, two classes away

these two classes seemed to drag on and on, i didn't think they were going to end, but when they did i went with andrew to go immediately find her, when we do she is showing a boy around, i catch him give her a death stare behind her back, i jog over to her

"savannah" she looks over to me and smiles

"hey, just showing Nathan around" the look in her eyes says help me, get him away from me

"yeah, so" Nathan says, there is an awkward silence, savannah looks uncomfortable being around him

"well lets go get lunch and introduce Nathan to some new people" savannah sighs and turns toward the cafeteria and starts walking, andrew and i follow, keeping a close eye on Nathan, his appearance isn't that promising, he is almost as skinny as savannah, but he is taller, and i can tell under his jacket he has some muscle, his dark brown eyes look nearly black, and his black hair makes him look even more like someone to be afraid of

"so, there is a group that is time consuming and interesting" savannah points to the football players, he walks over there and they welcome him in like a long lost friend, its weird

"im so glad he is over there, not with us" savannah turns to me and andrew, oliver and kyle run up behind me and scare the crap out of me

"got ya" kyle high fives oliver

"you son of a" i stop seeing the principle only feet away, it wont matter if savannah gets in trouble, she has no parents or guardians to take care of her, just enough money to survive

"that was awesome" savannah says and Daniel comes up behind her and picks her up

"aahhh, Daniel, put me down" she laughs, we laugh and he puts her down, his blonde hair and blue eyes messy and tired looking

"why ya late danny" i say, i don't like the name Daniel, after my abusive father, so i call him danny, so does savannah and the guys

"parents made me do work all last night, didn't go to sleep til four and slept in" he laughs


savannahs POV


"but danny, why did you let them do that, you need sleep" i poke the circles under his eyes

"stop it" he slaps my hand, i laugh and sit down at a table with oliver, neither of us eat lunch here unless its some sort of fruit or potato, don't ask me why, i have no idea

"so, you comin to shane and kyles tonight" oliver asks me breaking the silence between us

"yeah, im afraid i will sleep in tomorrow if i don't, i nearly did this morning" he laughs and i put my head down on the table

"tired, want some coffee" danny says sitting next to me, i nod and he pulls a giant cup of coffee the size of my head out of his bag

"here" he hands it to me

"is that all for her" shane says when he sees it

"yeah, why not, i already had one this morning, i brought an extra just in case" i smile and take a sip of the coffee

"you realize that was a very bad idea" shane says, sitting across from me

"yeah, but she was about to go to sleep on the table" i laugh and blush, they are the only people who can make me feel this way, which i don't mind

"oh really, i brought her sweet stuff but ok" shane says pulling out three giant Hershey bars and a bag of Hershey's kisses

"give them" i say reaching for them like a two year old

"but you have coffee" shane says

"its not enough, besides, ill save that for later" i point to the chocolate, he nods and hands it to me

"yes, thanks" i stuff the chocolate in my backpack and start sipping my coffee again

"im not looking forward to tonight if your going to be like this, or worse" oliver says and i laugh

"but we can say up late" shane says

"don't you think its kinda weird that five guys are having a girl for a sleepover" kyle says

"a little, but she is a tom boy, not a girlie girl" shane argues, kyle nods and starts to eat his pizza

"yeah, i am no where close to even considering make up and nice hair and short skirts, i hate that stuff" i say as the principle walks behind me

"whats in the cup" he asks me, he is tall with short blonde hair, and big brown eyes

"coffee, he gave it to me" i gesture to danny and he smiles

"whose class do you have next" the man says

"Mr. dasni" i say

"good luck" he says and walks away, he may seem nice but when you get on his bad side...

"yikes, you better watch out, he will be on you if you mess up" kyle says

"yeah, that's my plan, to piss him off so i can leave class" i say and they laugh, the bell for next hour rings so we get up and i walk to the mean social studies teacher standing in the hall

"youre in for a surprise today" i say walking in still drinking my coffee

when i take my seat i do what i usually do, take out a book and read, when class starts he tells me to put it away, so i grab a notebook and draw, when he tells me to put that away i start staring at nothing on the ground underneath me

"savannah, bring me your phone now" he says

"just because im staring at something you cant see doesn't man its my phone" i say, some of the kids laugh

"well bring me whatever youre looking at" he says

"well i cant bring you the floor i know that" i say not looking up at him

"bring me what you are looking at" he raises his voice

"im telling you, im just looking at the floor, my phone is off and in my backpack" i raise my voice too and look at him he starts to walk over to me, i put my hands on the table and stand up

"take your phone out of your backpack to prove you didn't have it out" he is right next to me now, i dig in my bag and pull out my droid, he nods and i put it back in my bag, i ask to go to the restroom, he lets me and i fall in the hallway for no reason, right outside the door, then i feel a hand on my ankle, i try to shake it off, but it gets tighter, i try kicking it, it lets go,  i get up and turn around to see a giant snake slithering towards me, i turn and run, the head of that thing is as big as my two hands together, i run into the bathroom and close the door behind me as quickly as i can

"what are you doing" i hear a female voice say, i turn to see the new girl Vanessa

"this may sound crazy but im being chased by a giant snake" she gives me a horrified look, and i turn around...

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