His Red Eyes

I push her up against the wall ignoring her whimpers. I glaze my fangs up and down her neck as my curls tickle her. She yells to me, "What are you doing Harry? What are you? This isn't you." She whispers the last part. I move my head to look into her eyes as mine turn red. Her eyes widen as she whispers in disbelief, "Your eyes. There red." I chuckle against her neck and whisper, "This might hurt." She screams loud. I cover her mouth quickly and whisper,"Your mine, forever."


6. 5

*Three Months Later*

Brooke's P.O.V.

"Harry, wanna come over tonight?" I ask my boyfriend on the phone.

"Why don't you come over here, babe?" He questions. I love when he calls me babe, but its been three months and he hasn't been to my house yet. He continues and tries to persuade me, "Eleanor is here, so is Niall and Louis."

I sigh and say, "Fine. I'll be over in a second."

He says back, "No, darling. I will pick you up."

I smile and say, "You are gonna meet my parents tonight whether you like it or not!"

I can feel him smirk as he says, "Yes Ma'am!" I laugh and so does he. He says, "Well I'm on my way. Bye babe."

I smile and say, "Bye, see you soon."

We both hang up and I jump off my bed to my closet. I look through my clothes and picked out some patterned shorts and a tie-in-the-front jean blouse. I put it on and aw that my hair was already waved. I smile teasing it up a little and spraying it with hairspray. I go and put on some accessories and my black TOMS. I go over to the mirror making sure I look ok. I turn and grab my phone putting it in my pocket.

I go downstairs and already here Harry's car. He is always so fast. I open the door seeing him leaning against his car smiling at me. Why is he so gorgeous?

 I walk over to him and place a soft kiss on his lips. He smiles and wraps his hands around my waist. He says, "Well hello to you too."

I laugh a little and grab his hand, leading him to the front door. I start to think about what Allison said about Harry. She said, "Brooke, just be careful dating Harry. I don't trust him. He doesn't even go to school!"

Her words keep replaying in my head till my thoughts got interrupted by my mom saying to Harry, "So you are the lad dating my daughter!"

He laughs a little saying, "Yes Mrs. Jones I am. I'm Harry, so great to meet you."

My mom shakes his hand then my dad does and he says to Harry, "If you break my daughter's heart, just remember I have a shotgun." Harry lets go my dad's hand and he laughs a little but my dad stays serious.

I break the awkwardness by saying, "Bye mom and dad, I'll see you tomorrow or tonight."

"Use protection!", my mom yells as we walk over to the car. My eyes widen as she yells that. Harry started cracking up, laughing. I get in Harry's car, my cheeks bright red.

He chuckles and says, "Nice parents, very kind and funny."

"You forgot embarrassing!" I say covering my face laughing. He smiles and starts to drive. I turn on the radio and blare the song, 'Come and Get it' By Selena Gomez. I laugh and start to sing along. Harry laughs and we both sing on the top of our lungs. I laugh at harry trying to sound like a girl. The song changes and we both burst in laughter. We get to his house and he opens the door for me. I step out of the car taking Harry's hand. I always get a weird vibe here, like there is something abnormal here. I walk inside with Harry and see Niall drinking a class of a red drink. The color was as red as blood.

I shrugged it off and said, "Hey Niall!"

He turns to me and jumps off the couch yelling, "BROOKE!" I laugh and then he embraces me in a big tight hug.

I laugh and say, "Nice to see you too, but I can't breath, Niall!"

He lets go of me and says, "Wanna watch a movie with me?"

Harry glares over at him and says, "Niall, Brooke and I were gonna hang out in my room."

Niall winks and says, "Ohhh ok. But when your done "hanging out", me and Brooke are watching a movie!"

I smile and say, "Fine, but Harry gets to watch it too and you have to have the movie already picked out, deal?"

He smiles and says, "Deal!"

I laugh and Harry leads me up to his room. We get to it and he closes the door. I walk over to his bed laying down on it. He takes off his jacket then lays on top of me. I laugh as he kisses my nose. I scrunch my nose up making him laugh. He gets off me and grabs my phone and puts it on the music player and selects my, 'Recently Added' playlist. The song, 'Black Ocean' by Urban Cone started filling the room. Harry smiles at me and gets back on top of me. He brushes his lips against mine then I stop his teasing as I crash my lips to his. I start playing with his curls as he trails his hands up and down my hips, both of us not breaking the kiss. He rolls over making me on top of him. I smile in the kiss then we hear the door open and I jump off of Harry to the other side of the bed.

Harry yells at a smirking Louis, "Knock much?!"

Louis laughs and says, "Pizza is here. You better get some before Niall devours it by himself."

Harry sighs and says, "We will be down in a second." Louis nods and closes the door. Harry turns over to me as my face is bright red. He whisper to me, "Brooke? I need to tell you something."

I smile and say, "Ok, tell me."

He takes a deep breath and says, "I love you, Brooke."

I smile from ear to ear and kiss him softy and say back, "I love you too, Harry."

He smiles and we get out of the bed and walk down to the kitchen. We both get one piece and sit at the table with Louis, Eleanor, and Niall.  I sit down by Eleanor and Harry.

I start to eat then I  cut myself with the paper plate on accident. "Ouch! Paper cut!", I exclaim as blood runs down my finger. I look around and everyone is staring at me. I look at Eleanor and her eyes turn red.

My eyes widen and then I hear Louis say, "Sleep." I was about to say what but then I fell right asleep.

Harry's P.O.V.

As Louis puts Brooke to sleep Eleanor pounces on her yelling, "Let me have one sip, please!"

I tackle her off Brooke and spat out at Eleanor, "You will never hurt or taste her, ever!" Her fangs pop out and she hisses and I do the same as I have her pinned to the ground. I look over and Niall cleans the blood off with out tasting any and puts a band-aid on it.

I grab Eleanor and throw her against the wall yelling, "You could have blew our secret! Your eyes turned red in front of her! How are we gonna explain that?"

Louis grabs me and makes me let go of Eleanor and he says, "Don't worry I can erase that from her mind"

I spat at Eleanor, "Get control over yourself!" I go to Brooke picking her up and laying her on the couch. I say to Louis, "Wake her up." He nods and does his thing to erase and wake her up.

She wakes up and smiles up at me then her smile fades and asks, "What happened? All I remember was getting a paper cut."

Niall answers, "You fainted. It was weird."

She tilts her head to the side and comments, "Yea that is weird. Well I'm hungry, who else is?"

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