His Red Eyes

I push her up against the wall ignoring her whimpers. I glaze my fangs up and down her neck as my curls tickle her. She yells to me, "What are you doing Harry? What are you? This isn't you." She whispers the last part. I move my head to look into her eyes as mine turn red. Her eyes widen as she whispers in disbelief, "Your eyes. There red." I chuckle against her neck and whisper, "This might hurt." She screams loud. I cover her mouth quickly and whisper,"Your mine, forever."


5. 4

Brooke's P.O.V.

I drive home away from the bakery, my burn still stinging but covered by a bandage. I drive down the road and the only thing I could think about is Harry. I don't understand why I cant get him out of my mind. I keep driving down the road heading to my house. I'm excited and nervous about our date tonight. All these questions flood in my head. What should I wear? Are we gonna kiss? Does he really like me? Does he go to school? I just need to calm down and relax.

I turn on my iPod which is connected to my car.I turn on the song, 'Acapella' by Karmin. I start singing along with it making me laugh as I sing. The lyrics are getting my mind of of the hot curly haired boy. I pull in my drive way then the song ends. I park my car and grab my purse walking to the door. I unlock it and walk in to a empty house. I guess my parents are still at work. I sigh and start to walk up to my room. I set my stuff done at the door and I start to change. Once I'm in my undergarments I look through my closet and pull out random shirts, pants, dresses, and skirts to choose from.  I look threw them, clothes flying and finally found the perfect dress. It is a kind of floral design and short and flowy. I throw it on letting it hug on my waist and flow the rest of the way.

I put on some stylish bracelets and some cute flats. i look in the mirror and start to refresh my makeup, adding and removing. I re-curl some of my hair that fell down making it look new again.

I look at the clock and see that I'm suppose to be there in 15 minutes. I grab my blue handbag and put some essentials in it. I have one last look in the mirror before I head out my bedroom door. I walk down to the exit door of the house and open it and leave to my var. I get to my car and hop in. I re-apply my lipstick and black mascara. I smile and start my car again hearing the roar. i turn on the radio letting it blast as I head to the restaurant. Since I don't know my way around I might be a little late.

Harry's P.O.V.

I get to my house screaming. At first it was in happiness that I was going on a date with Brooke,  but now I hear a girls scream in my head and a picture stuck in it.

I open my eyes and I see nothing but that picture. I feel my eyes turn red then green and my fangs popping out. I start screaming because I'm unaware what is happening. I can't see any thing except this picture of Brooke with red eyes and she looks like an evil vampire. I keep screaming then I hear Niall run to me yelling my name to stop..but I cant. I hear Niall calling Louis to come down. He runs down the stairs then the imagine leaves and I can see again and the screaming stopped and I could stop screaming. I was back to normal.

"Harry? What happened?" Louis asked worry covering his face.

I look at him and say, "I heard screaming and a picture was all I could see. It was Brooke but she was a dark vampire."

Louis glances at Niall then back at me and says, "That happened to me too, Harry. It will be ok. If you snap on her, well when you do, the dark and the light will be just swarming around in her. She decides what she will be. Every vampire gets a picture like that. Right before you sanp you will see a picture of her in a light vampire version. I went through it and Niall will too. Your not alone."

I sigh in relief and smile and say, "Thanks bro. I have to get ready for my date with Brooke."

 I walk past them to my room grabbing one of my dressy shirts with the tie that came with it. I put it on and the tie and some tight black pants. I ruffle my hair and check my phone. I smile at the time and thinking I could be there 15 minutes early if I run. I walk out of my room and tell everyone goodbye. I get out of the house and start running to the restaurant. I get there in 30 seconds and tell the host my name so she could get me my reservation. I follow her to the table and sit down and wait.

Brooke's P.O.V.

I finally find the restaurant and glance at my watch after I get out of the car. Right on time. I smile and get out of my car. I look around the parking lot to see if I see Harry or not. I shrug and walk in the fancy restaurant. I look around and see Harry looking so hot. i bite my lip just looking at the gorgeous human being sitting there waiting for me.

I walk towards him and he stands up and pulls out my chair for me. I sit down giving him a thank you and he sits down also.

Then he says the words every girl loves to her, "You are the most gorgeous girl I have ever met."

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