His Red Eyes

I push her up against the wall ignoring her whimpers. I glaze my fangs up and down her neck as my curls tickle her. She yells to me, "What are you doing Harry? What are you? This isn't you." She whispers the last part. I move my head to look into her eyes as mine turn red. Her eyes widen as she whispers in disbelief, "Your eyes. There red." I chuckle against her neck and whisper, "This might hurt." She screams loud. I cover her mouth quickly and whisper,"Your mine, forever."


15. 14 { Final Chapter }

{ Please listen to 'Last Love Song' by ZZ Ward. And P.S. Get tissues before you read. BTW I don't think 1D is cruel or mean. I respect them. So don't get offended at what they do in this chapter. I DO NOT thick at all that they would do this. So don't hate me, its just fiction and I'm using their names and looks, not putting to what they would do in real life. Now enjoy c: and remember this is a vampire book so obviously there is some gore. But not extreme.}

Harry's P.O.V.

I ran back home, yelling as I slam open the door. I call out for Niall and Louis. They both come rushing in. I look at both of them pointing to the gun closet. They glance over as I say, "We are going to go get Chloe back, then kill the werewolves."

"Wow Harry. Calm down for a second. What happened?", Niall asks, looking up at me.

"Zayn, he did something to Brooke. I can't smell her anymore, and she doesn't love me.", I confess.

"Harry, she loves you, I promise. She is just hurt.", Louis assures me. 

I shrug and look back to them,"We need to plan this out."

"Are you sure you want to do this? Do you even know where Ed is?", Louis asks, his blues eyes burning in my green ones. 

Niall speaks up, "I want Chloe back and Harry wants revenge. I think we all are sure."

"Yes I know where Ed is. I figured it out when I called him about Brooke. I was thinking, we can run to Ed's and sneak in get Chloe and run out.", I suggest.

Louis sighs, "That's way to easy."

"Well I didn't include the 'kill anyone in our path' part.", I smirk a little and Louis chuckles, shaking his head. 

I continue, "We get back here, wait till Scott, Liam, and Zayn are all together without Brooke. I don't want her to get hurt." They both nod in respond and then I add, "We can do this. We just need to be smart."

They both nod again and Niall responds, "Let's kick some ass boys."

We all go gear up, I get my knife and Louis gets a stake. While Niall goes and eats some pizza, Louis and I finish up getting ready. Which didn't take long since we mostly use our strength. Niall finally finishes and we decide to go. As we run towards the direction of Ed's place. The cold wind didn't bother us but the loud ear piercing scream made us stop. At first I thought it was Brooke, but I shook my head convincing my self it wasn't her. I then start to run again, making sure the boys are following me, I jump over the small cliff that came in front of me. Louis and Niall both jumped it successfully. I smile at both of them before pointing over to a large mansion in front of us.

"Only Ed would have a big ass mansion in the middle of the woods.", Niall remarks, making me and Louis both smile.  

We all walk up to the mansion normal, trying not to cause attention coming  to us. I hear a small voice in my head just screaming for help. My whole body just starts to be in pain, like its numb. My hands felt bound and so does my legs. I fall to the ground of the woods, my body in more pain. I close my eyes and see Ed walking around, pacing with a gun in his hand, talking but I can't make out the words. I pull against the rope thats binding me. My head falls down and I see blonde hair falling down resting on my chest and a deep wound in my chest. My eyes finally open and see Niall and Louis looking down at me.

My breathing is heavy as I whisper to them, "Brooke is in there. Ed took her. She is hurt we need to get her." Louis and Niall help me up to my feet. I get to my feet saying, "I felt her pain, it was like I was looking through her eyes. She needs me, we need to find her!"

Before the could protest I run to the mansion, kicking open the doors. Well so much for keeping a low profile. "Ed! Get out here!", I yell loudly as I run into the house, checking each room but hearing nothing. Then suddenly I hear a banging, my head turns to where the noise was coming from. I yell to Niall and Louis, "The basement! Get to the basement!" I run towards the basement, my legs going faster then I can even process. I see a girl tied, with a bag over her hair. But there was no wound. I run up to the girl and pull off the bag, revealing Chloe.

She smiles big at me, "Oh my god Harry!"

I smile at her, but my adrenaline is so high I can barely say anything. Niall comes running down, as I crotch down and cut the ties off Chloe. 

Niall smiles so big,"Chloe?"

She smiles and nods. I finally get off the ties and she pulls away. She runs to Niall wrapping her arms around him and he wraps his around her. He kisses her forehead before looking over her, seeing all the bite marks. He says barely above a whisper, "Are you a vampire?"

She shakes her head no, "He never changed me. Just uses me as his human buffet."

"This is all my fault I'm so sorry. I can't..Im so sorry", He kisses her softly, she kissing him back.

As they pull away I rudely interrupt, "Guys we have to move. I need to get to Brooke."

"Brooke?", I hear someone say from behind me. I turn around and see Ed with a devilish smirk on his face. "Oh Harry. To bad you keep blocking Brooke. If you didn't you would have already have known that I killed her."

My heart sinks to my chest, I lunge toward him grabbing him by the throat, "Where the hell is she?" I scream at him, my throat burning and blood boiling with rage.

He shrugs, "You are her match right? You can find her if you really want to.", His eyebrow raises up as I set him down. I back away before grabbing my knife, lunging it right into his heart. His eyes turn a blue before black. Then he turns to dust. I back away, "Lets go. We need to find her."

Louis walks over to me, "What if its to late?"

"He was buffing. I would have felt it if she died. ", I say sternly before running back out in the woods, Louis right behind me. I look at Niall and Chloe and say, "You both go home. If we need you Niall I'll get you. You need to keep Chloe safe."

Niall nods before picking up Chloe and running towards the house with her. Louis looks over to me, "Should I call El?"

"No. We can take them, Lou.", I smile at him, before jumping across the cliff, with him right behind me. ( A/N asljfdofb larry feels) I stop running as I start to get hot, like overwhelmingly hot. I fall to the ground on my knees. I close my eyes to see a big fire in front of me. Liam walks up with a knife saying a quick sorry before stabbing me in different places. I finally open my eyes, trying to catch my breath. 

I look up to Louis, "They are gonna drain her. I know where they are at but we need to hurry."

Brooke's P.O.V.

  "Liam please stop, it hurts.", I whimper as sweat drips down my skin, mixing with the black blood. I pull at the rope that is binding me to the tree. I look down and see black blood dripping down to my feet. Liam walks away and over to Scott and Zayn, whispering stuff to them. I decide one more time to get Harry over to me. I take a deep breath before screaming loudly. I cough at the end, I barely have any breath. I try to burn the ropes off but I don't have enough strength. Earlier when I was at Zayn's Ed came and gave me something, and it has made me so drowsy I barely know whats happening. I know they are 'draining' me. Its a ritual to get rid of ultimate vampires. The bad part of being an ultimate is that you have blood. It's black, so you can bleed to death which is the only way to kill an ultimate.

Zayn comes back over with a new knife, "Im so sorry Brooke." He cuts my stomach, and I let out a loud yelp.  

I hear a yell for my name but Im to weak to even look up. 

Harry's P.O.V.

"Brooke!" I yell as I run towards the fire. Once Louis and I get there Zayn, Liam, and Scott are standing there in a line.

"It had to be done Harry. Its almost over.", Liam says softly. 

"What are you talking about?" I yell then my eyes scan over to Brooke who is tied to a tree, looking almost cold. I look at all the cuts on her stomach, through her shirt. Black blood was everywhere around her. Anger was racing through my veins as I lung toward Scott, knowing he is the alpha. I yell as my fangs come out. I punch his stomach, then grab him and throw him against another tree. He recovers then lunges at me, turning to a black werewolf as he does. I kick him back, grabbing my knife and stabbing it into the wolves chest. The wolves eyes widen then turns back to Scott. I take the knife out and see Louis fighting off Liam and Zayn.

Louis yells, "I got it, go get Brooke!"

I run over to Brooke seeing her weak face look to mine. I whisper to her, "You are gonna be okay baby. Im here." I kiss her lips softly, and she tries to kiss back but can't. I glance over to Louis seeing him kick Zayn over to a tree, knocking him out, and doing the same to Liam.

"We don't have much time!", Louis yells. 

I quickly untie her and let her fall into my arms. I smile as she opens her eyes to mine. "Hey, Brooke, I'm right here.", I whisper not wanting to startle her. "Chloe is back, she is okay, and you are gonna be okay."

She shakes her head no, "Harry..I'm dying."

Her voice was barely audible.I put my hands on the side of her face and say sternly, "No, no Brooke you aren't. You are going to stay with me and be okay. I'm not letting you go."

She puts her fragile hand on mine and whispers, "I love you. I want you to be good and happy." After she finishes her eyes start to close.

"Brooke, wake up! Brooke!", I scream, shaking her. I choke on my cries as I cut my wrist and put it to her mouth. "C'mon love. Drink it please." The blood hits her mouth, but nothing happens. Her body is cold I notice. I keep her body in my arms and move closer to the fire, "Get warm baby, and wake up please." I move the hair from her face.

"Harry, it's to late. She is an ultimate so she needs to be buried. She won't run to dust.", Louis whispers even choking on his words.

My teeth grit together as I look at Brooke's lifeless body in my hands. I pull her closer to me, and continue to cry, whimpering at her to come back. My whole heart is gone. I lost her. It's my fault. I stand up, with her lifeless body in my arms. I run full speed towards the house. My feet led me to the back yard. I lay her down gently on the ground and kiss her forehead, "I love you."



I hope you guys enjoyed this movella! :) Epilogue is coming soon. Please comment what you think!

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