His Red Eyes

I push her up against the wall ignoring her whimpers. I glaze my fangs up and down her neck as my curls tickle her. She yells to me, "What are you doing Harry? What are you? This isn't you." She whispers the last part. I move my head to look into her eyes as mine turn red. Her eyes widen as she whispers in disbelief, "Your eyes. There red." I chuckle against her neck and whisper, "This might hurt." She screams loud. I cover her mouth quickly and whisper,"Your mine, forever."


12. 11

Brooke's P.O.V.

I wake up looking over to Harry, smiling. He opens his eyes saying, "Your creepy, you watch me while I sleep."I giggle, playfully hitting him. I get up then I feel my eyes turn and my fangs pop. I look over at Harry and his expression turns blank as he asks, "Are you hungry?"

My stomach growls, almost on cue. I nod, "I'm starved!"

Harry nods getting up taking my hand and we walk down the stairs. I sit on the bar stool in Harry's t-shirt and my yoga pants with my hair in a loose messy bun. Harry pulls a bag of blood out of the fridge. He hands it to me, and I take it and forcefully rip the top open. I put it to my mouth and start to suck the blood. I finish it the red liquid, making me stronger.

"Thanks", I mutter. I get up from the stool and head to the door.

I then see Harry right in front of the door and asks, "Where are you going?"

"Um..Home. My mom and dad will get worried.", He puts his hand on my shoulder and sighs, "You can't go. You might kill them, you can't control your powers or hunger."

I gasp, "Harry! I would never kill my parents!"

He looks down, "I did. I killed my whole family."

"Wh-What?" I stutter backing away from him.

"I thought I could control it but hungry is a hard thing to fight!", He says walking towards me.

I sigh, "Will you tell me how you got changed?"

"Yea, sit down I will tell you the whole story....


Harry's P.O.V. (How Harry turned)

Tonight was a very dark, cold night in London. I look up at the sky looking at the beautiful stars. I lick my lips moistening them. I smile to myself and walk on. I was walk past store after store, I didn't have a car yet so I have to walk everywhere. It hurts my feet sometimes, but its nice to just walk and enjoy living. I continue to walk the smell of coffee and the sound of laughter fill my nose and ears. I push my pale white hands into my warm dark pockets. I then bump into a gorgeous brunette.

"Oh! My bad!", I say helping her get back into balance. Her eyes snuck a peak of mine and we stare into each others deeply. Hers were this interesting shade of red.

She shyly smiles saying, "I think I dropped my key. Can you help me look?"

I look away from her eyes, "Uh, yea sure, of course!" I squat down and look on the floor and find them, "I got them!"

When I get back up I see the girl but in a vampire form. I try to scream but she quickly puts her hand over my mouth and sinks her teeth into my white pale cold skin. She takes big gulps making me weaker in her grip. She then stops and bites her own wrist and puts it to my mouth. I first resist but then I start to drink it..it taste cherry. I continue to drink the red warm liquid making me stronger with every sip. She lets go of me pushing me to the ground, my back hitting the wall, making me in pain. Her strength was impossibly strong. She could break the wall with a touch! I fix my hair then I hear my stomach grow. What the hell is happening to me? Did that even happen? I walk into the alley, behind a dumster. I slide down the wall holding on to my neck, the blood turning into a black color..venom. In a matter of seconds I feel horrible pain thrashing around as the venom does its works. I then feel a cold hand on my shoulder. I look up and see a brown haired blue eyed boy. He pulls me up on my feet and helps me into his car, then it goes black.


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