His Red Eyes

I push her up against the wall ignoring her whimpers. I glaze my fangs up and down her neck as my curls tickle her. She yells to me, "What are you doing Harry? What are you? This isn't you." She whispers the last part. I move my head to look into her eyes as mine turn red. Her eyes widen as she whispers in disbelief, "Your eyes. There red." I chuckle against her neck and whisper, "This might hurt." She screams loud. I cover her mouth quickly and whisper,"Your mine, forever."


2. 1

I walk through the dark alley my stomach craving blood, my lips dry. I look over and see a drunken older man. He looks about forty-five. I turn to Louis who already had blood dripping from his chin from this random girl in the alley. I look over to my over side seeing Niall finish his dinner. I smirk at Louis and say, "I'm gonna get some food, then lets go back."

He nods agreeing. I run my vampire speed to him. He barely could slur out a beer filled, "what" before I bit into his flesh. I start sucking him dry feeling the red warm liquid going down my throat. I can feel the blood making me stronger with each sip. I make sure I suck every drop, killing him, instead of making him into one of us.  I throw him into the dumpster right beside where I drank him.

I know what your thinking, why would you kill people? Just kill animals like twilight! Well this isn't twilight, we have to eat people. Only werewolves eat animals. We don't go to school either, to many questions about us not aging. Only werewolves get to. Yea, yea I know you think wow werewolves are WAY nicer than vampires. Well vampires actually have hearts, as in they have feelings for one 'special' person. As in your true match. Werewolves has over feelings, they can fall for every girl they see, thats why it is easy for vampires and werewolves to fight over the same girl. When we turn all vampire are eyes turn red and our fangs grow out. When werewolves are about to turn their eyes turn green then a few seconds later their teeth grow as well as their ears, claws, and hair then they turn full werewolf. I only know one pack which includes: Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Scott McCall.


Louis yells out to me, "Harry come on! I gotta meet Eleanor at home!" I nod walking to him, which is running for humans. I have a special power which is speed.Louis has mind control, and Niall has a fire power. Every vampire gets a power after their first kill. We start heading towards the house. Before we get there I stop in my tracks because of what my nose smells. It was the sweet aroma of a girls blood. I try to see where it is coming from but it is all around me. Niall gets in front of me and asks, "What do you smell?"

"A girl." I say looking around.

Louis sighs and says, "Leave her we already ate." We nod and Niall and Louis keep walking. I take one last look around then turn and walk up to them. We get to the house of ours in the woods. I see Eleanor eating some random girl, sucking her.

She sees Louis, and pulls up blood all over her mouth and she asks, "Anyone hungry? I will share." She smirks as we all shake our heads no. She digs back in the girls neck and finishes. Eleanor takes the girl taking her to the dumpster outside. Now I know all of you think this is gross but I didn't choose to be this way, it just happened.

Eleanor is Louis one true match. Niall and I haven't found ours yet. But I can't wait till that day comes. When you have a one true match it is a soulmate, best friend, the only one in the world you will protect with your life. Louis told me the first time he met her, he was planning to kill her. He tried but couldn't, his fangs wouldn't come out. She was human she didn't know he was a vampire till he..snapped. All vampires snap on their human true match. Louis says he was so scarred when it happened. He couldn't stop drinking from her. But he finally did and he bit into his wrist then held it up to her mouth, turning her. He thought he killed his one true love. When she was turned she was horrified. She was scarred of Louis. Because he acted like a heartless vampire to her. He pushed her to the ground and just bit into her. I remember that night too. She left him and he came to my house. He was so angry, I couldn't be around him. Then the next day she just came back and they made up. Now they are so happy together, but Eleanor has changed. We don't know if she will be a dark vampire or a light vampire. Louis, Niall, and I are all light vampires. But we don't know about her yet.

I got pulled out of my thoughts by Louis he says, "Harry have you seen the new girl in town? Her name is Brooke Jones. She is blonde and smells amazing and strong. I bet she was the one you were smelling." I smile and nod then say, "The pack wants to meet with me tonight."

Niall comments, "It's a full moon tonight though. They could be planning to hurt you."

I shake my head no and say, "No they just wanna talk about us feeding here."

Eleanor groans and says, "Are they still complaining about that? We were feeding here first. At least we aren't killing cute little bunnies!"

Niall rolls his eyes and he mutters, "Better than killing people"

I ignore them and tell my goodbyes walking out the door. I run my fast speed to the other side of the woods where they are at. I see them all green eyed and smirking. I sigh and say, "You needed to speak to me?" I sniff smelling that sweet girl again.

Zayn groans and says, "Look, Liam he smells her too!"

Liam rolls his eyes as the alpha Scott comes walking toward me he says, "You need to try to not eat as much. To many people are dying Harry. The cops are gonna get suspicious about everyone dying with two holes in their neck!"

I chuckle and say sarcasticly, "Oh yeah right. The big abd cops are gonna capture the fastest vampire!" I turn about to run off till Liam yells, "Did you know werewolves can sense who is a vampires one true match is?"

Brooke's P.O.V. 

I get my finally box unpacked and into my new room in my new house. I sit on my window sill and see a full moon. I smile to myself finally feeling settled. My family moves around a lot always saying we are not staying here for long but this time we are staying here for a really long time. I know no one from here, at all. I'm meeting a girl and her boyfriend tonight. Her parents and mine are very close.

I go to my recent organized new closet, searching for an outfit to wear. I think to myself that I don't want anything to casual but not to fancy. I finally decide on a blue sun dress that flows out to a little above my knee. I put my hair in a messy bun and put my makeup on. I put on some wedges also completing my look. I go downstairs helping my mom set the table and making the drinks.

The door bell rings and I go to it opening it. I see this really tall pretty girl in front of me, wearing a floral dress and her hair is perfectly braided. She smiles waving to her parents, bye. She smiles and holds out her hand for a shake, I take it and she says, "I'm Allison Argent."

I return the smile and reply, "I'm Brooke Jones. Nice to meet you." I walk her in and we sit at the table. She tells us her boyfriend will be a little late. My mom sets the food in front of us and then she sits down also. Before we started the doorbell rang, I stood up getting out of my seat. I walk over to the door seeing a really cute guy with brown hair and an interesting jaw. I smile and shake his hand he says, "I'm Scott McCall, Allison's boyfriend."

I reply, "I'm Brooke Jones. Nice to meet you, Allison is sitting down at the table." He smiles and sits down in the chair beside her. We start to talk, getting to know each other better. I really like Allison, I think we will become great friends. Scott is so funny! I bet he will be a great guy friend.

At the end of the night I could not shake the feeling someone was watching my every move. I kept glancing outside seeing if I could see anything. Allison asks me, "Well Brooke, would you like to come over any time? I know it can be hard being the new girl." I nod and reply, "Yes I would love to thank you!" I glance one more time outside and see a figure standing there looking straight at me. I keep looking then suddenly it was just..gone.



Hope you guys liked that! Please comment giving me feedback! I have never written stuff like this before! But I really like it! Down below this message will be every side character as a vampire/werewolf except harry since he is on the cover! Love you guys! LIKE< COMMENT>FAVORITE<


Eleanor Calder

Louis and Niall



Scott McCall

Liam and Zayn

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