Love Me Still?

Audri Monroe has been through alot. She has broken a heart or two, lost her mom even her best friend.Even gotten pregnant! So she leaves only keeping in contact with Liam. What happens when she returns years later? Will Niall still love her? Will it be the happy reunion she hoped for?

( just a little note to say, Sorry this was abandoned for a while, but im back and Im now doing this alone because Brianna deleted her account so please be patient with me)


1. My song of happiness.


Audri's pov;

" Mummy, Mummy, MUMMY". I felt someone jumping on the bed beside me and groaned opening my eyes. My daughters little eyes and perfect little face staring right at me, smiling happily. "ITS MY BIRTHDAY" She shouted at me taking the duvet from over me and trying to pull me up. I laughed and grabbed her making her lay down with me and started tickling her. She wouldnt stop giggling and then jumped up as the doorbell rang.

"can i go pleaseee" She begged. "fine, but only answer if you know who it is okay" I tell her as she nods excitedly and runs out of my room. I sigh sitting up and grabbing my dressing gown and then checking my phone;

1 new message;


Still miss you...its been like 1 year since I've seen you. How is she? Everythings calm here and Zoe is okay..she cries a bit because she misses you. Wish her Happy Birthday for me please xx

Love you ~ Alli x

I laughed remembering the names we allocated for each other, just in case any of the boys or Zoey got hold of his phone. I was sneakingly seeing Liam when they came out here or near here for tours. No one found out and I was able to see my best friend and move on at the same time.

I looked up after hearing a knock on the door. "Good Morning sunshine" My next door neighbor  Fin said leaning at my bedroom door, My daughter Caroline standing in font of him. She handed him her hair brush and I stood watching as he bent down and carefully brushed her hair.

"Thank you uncle Fin" She mumbled while running back into the front room. "so what are we doing to celebrate the Princesses big birthday?" He asked. I sighed and walked over to the computer seeing showing him the screen.

"w-why are you going back to there?" He asked stuttering, His face furrowed in confusion. "She needs to meet him...they can't not know forever" I muttered pulling out my suitcase.

"YES" He shouted then lowering his voice, "they can never know..Audri if you wanted them to take responsibility then why didn't you stay..Its not fair to do this to her on her birthday..and what you going to tell her when you turn up. "Louis, Niall this is Caroline, Caroline this is Louis and Niall these are two people who could be your father?" He hissed. 

I stopped packing and stared at the ground, maybe I was wrong, maybe I shouldn't turn up I mean nothings going to change, Niall wouldn't love me anymore even If I still have feelings for him. Who says they'd even feel anything for my daughter. Was i a bad mother subjecting my daughter to this?.

"Please don't protest about this Fin I need your support on this, I'm taking her to see Liam, if the others are there then..I'll get a dna test or something done and then tell her who is" I told him packing the rest of Carol's clothes and zipping it up. I had already did mine the night before. 

"Caroline need to be ready in half an hour, for your birthday treat...were going on holiday" i called out hearing her squeal and come running in throwing her arms around me. "I LOVE YOU MUMMY" She screamed then running out again leaving a small tear in my eye. "I love you to my little song of happiness" I mumbled knowing she didn't hear but I meant every word.

"Come here" Fin told me pulling me into a hug. "are you really sure you want to do this honey? I'm always here if you change your mind. I'll come to the airport with you" He whispered stroking my hair. I just nodded and pushed back the tears knowing I had to be strong for my little girl and today was a happy day its a memory of the best day of my life, the birth of my child that I wouldn't have got by without.

"well seeing as I'm not going to be able to spend the whole day with my two beautiful guys, why don't I treat you two to breakfast" He told me directing it as a statement not a question. I laughed and walked to my wardrobe. He winked at me and then went into the front room to help get Caroline ready.


Around 10 minutes later we were at a cafe, we lived quite near the airport so we had a while yet. I sat next to fin watching my daughters face as the waiter placed down a plate of Belgian Waffles and a glass of orange juice. "yummy" She squealed. Fin laughed at her and passed her some syrup helping her to squeeze some on.

"Two french toast and two coffees"   The waiter announced as we nodded and she placed them down in front of me and Fin. "Yummy" We both squealed teasing Caroline. She glared at us while having a mouthful of waffles. "Shes just like you" Fin tells me taking my hand in his. I see a small flash and curse. "I would have thought he'd have given up by know" He hissed a little annoyed. 

"I know..but some people back there must really want to know what Im doing now" I told him taking a sip of my coffee. "or who your doing" He mumbled laughing as I turned around shocked at him. "Excuse me mister....thats none of their business" I tell him as we both laugh more and a few more flashes goes of. 

"I can't eat anymore mummy" My daughter said looking at me sad and pushing her plate away. I smiled thankfully at her. "don't worry about it sweetie, we can always get you something at the airport or on the plane" I tell her as she smiled and stretched yawning. I quickly wolfed down my french toast and drank my coffee as Fin did the same. "right go to the car I'll pay and we can get out of here" He told me as we went separate ways.

 I took Caroline's hand and we walked to the car, I got her in and helped her with her seat belt. We ignored the man that was taking pictures and coming closer to the car. Fin jogged out and handed me a coffee. "just to keep you sane.. I know how you like to normally have 2 in the mornings" He told me kissing me on the cheek, as the man took another picture.

He got in the car and we drove of. "You did that deliberately" I say turning the music up a little as best song ever comes on and Caroline starts singing and dancing to it in the back. Fin frowns and looks in his mirror but smiles at Caroline's dancing.

"How long you going for i'm going to miss you two" He asks ignoring what I said.

"I don't know maybe 3 weeks or so, depending on how us turning up works out" I tell him as he puts his hand on mine. "It will be fine, I support you" He mumbles. For the rest of the ride no more is said.

We pull up at the airport just in time to rush through the check in line and then over to where we had to go to get the flight. "Flight 12a to London from Hawaii are now boarding"  Caroline started  jumping up and down and Fin gave her one last hug. "ring me loads" He told me pulling me into one more hug. When we let go I turned around taking my daughters hand and showing the women our passports and tickets. "Have a nice flight" She smiled at me leaning round and giving Fin the eye. I laughed and went to walk to board but pulled back to whisper "he's gay" to her. Her face dropped and she sighed continuing with the cue that was behind me. "Come on mummy" Caroline moaned taking my hand and pulling me. We gave Fin one last wave and then walked down and onto the plane.

"I want the window seat" She screamed running and claiming the seat she wanted as I sat down next to her and got out her coloring book from my handbag and then putting my handbag above my seat.

"Its going to be a long flight" I tell her as she sat excited and shaking staring out at the planes wing. "I want to be a plane when I'm older" She stated seriously as The old women behind me began to laugh with me. "bless her little heart" She cooed as Caroline started talking to her and telling her how it was her birthday.

I sat back listening to her talking to the old women and just smiled. I was so proud of my girl. She kept me sane, she was my everything an I'm just hoping the boys will want to know her or will care for her just as much as I do.

I made her sit down and put her belt on as the captain told us to and said we were about to take of. I gave her a sweet to chew on so that her ears didn't pop and as we got higher in the air she gasped and watched out the window. "wow" She kept saying leaving everyone around her laughing and saying sweet things about her.

"she's a credit to you, she's lovely" The women beside me said as I agreed and thanked her.


Authors note;

Omg I still cant believe this is the sequel! Do you guys like this chapter? Sorry its a bit short but I didn't want to put to much in one chapter, I need to keep you wanting to know more to make sure you keep reading :). Briana will get the next chapter up whenever she can. We are so grateful for your support on this story and on Chase Me which if your reading this, then hopefully you would have read Chase Me.

Feedback would be great, and likes and favs :)

Thank you all for reading we ly<3

~Kat x

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