Love Me Still?

Audri Monroe has been through alot. She has broken a heart or two, lost her mom even her best friend.Even gotten pregnant! So she leaves only keeping in contact with Liam. What happens when she returns years later? Will Niall still love her? Will it be the happy reunion she hoped for?

( just a little note to say, Sorry this was abandoned for a while, but im back and Im now doing this alone because Brianna deleted her account so please be patient with me)


3. Long time no see

Audri' P.O.V... Liam pulled in front of the house turning off the car and looking straight at me. "You ready?" He asked smiling. I sat and thought about all the possibilities of what could happen when I step over that threshold. Will Niall yell or ignore me? Will Harry go into a fit saying how I left without even saying goodbye? Will Louis be mad? I took a deep breath looking back at Caroline who was fast asleep her blonde curls falling in her face. She mad me smile with every view of her, she reminded me of my mom before she died so much. The same blonde curly hair but you know not super curly and her cute button nose. But her eyes... Her eyes had the same blue intensity mines did especially when she was Happy. Which was all the time.She kept me stable "Yes." I finally responded to Liam bringing my attention back to him he smiled even wider showing his confidence and support for me stepping out the car and grabbing my bags. I sighed letting loose of my nerves getting out of the passenger seat and grabbing Caroline from the backseat. She stirred a little but settled back into me wrapping her small arms around my neck. I followed Liam up the walkway before we stopped in front the door that I had all the memories behind it that still had the memories there. Liam gave me a reassuring look before knocking on the door. "You don't have a key?" I whispered he looked at me shrugging "I forgot that here too." He said giving me a typical guyish smile before he knocked again harder this time. "hold on! Here I come!" I heard Zoey shout. My heart started beating faster and my positive attitude on this situation started to shrink. I was terrified now. The heard the door being unlocked before it opened revealing a shocked out of her shall Zoey. She didn't speak she just burst into tears. I saw she changed alot she was skinnier and more tan her usual brunette hair was now more if a light brown that made her eyes stand out more but less at the same time. After Liam and I standing there stupidly watching Zoey cry I managed to say something "Hi Zoey I missed you too but can you cut the sobbing out." I said and Pointed to a half asleep half awake Caroline. She looked at Caroline in confusion but before she could ask her question Liam pulled me inside the house were I was met face to face with the rest of the boys. "Told you I was right! It was Audri!" Harry said laughing a silent victory to himself. I ignored him though my eyes went straight to an uncomfortable looking Niall. "Hey guys." I said Everyone was quite silent for a couple of seconds which worried me I looked at Liam giving him the 'Help' look before Louis stepped up "Long time no see Audri!" He said pulling me into a smothering embrace which ended up being a big group hug even including Niall. "Uh guys please let go you smothering Caroline." I said pulling back everyone took a step back also looking at Caroline like she was some new fascinating creature. "Um Audri who's kid is that?" Zayn asked crossing his arms. My mind raced, should I tell them the truth but I don't think im ready. "She my um.. Baby niece.. Her mom went out of country and asked me to watch her she said I could bring her here with and plus it would be a cool birthday gift to her little Caroline." I said in one whole breath giving them a nice big 'pleas believe this' smile. They all nodded slowly will I caught a glimpse of Liam who had mouthed me what the hell. "So Audri were are you staying now?" Louis asked I walked over to the couch laying Caroline down brushing hair out of her face "Hawaii." I said looking at for how they would respond. Which was calm.. Way too calm. "oh that's nice what's it like out there?" Zayn asked looking up from his phone. I thought about it and then Fin popped into my head. "It is really nice.. You know beaches the nice water and land to explore..." I trailed off not sure what to tell them of what happened in the last 4 years. "Are you dating anybody?" Zoey blurted out I glared at her she looked like she wanted to suck that sentence back into where it came from and I peered at Niall who winced. I chose to ignore the question acting like I didn't hear it. "So what has been up with you guys?" I asked "Nothing much you know recording and things like that." Harry said twirling around the bar stool I nodded guessing that was all they had to say. "Mummy?" Caroline pulled on my sleeve I looked down at her and smiled but then back at the boys and zoey who looked confused "Audri why is your Niece calling you Mummy?" Harry asked my stomach jumped not knowing how to respond "Caroline is her daughter guys.. She was just all little not sure if she was ready to say anything." Liam said calmly . Caroline pulled my ear to her mouth level attempting to whisper in my ear. "Is this one direction?" She asked I nodded and laughed for her being only four she had a lovely memory of who people are and just things in general. She squealed at a really high pitch causing all of them to jump. "What's wrong with her?" Liam asked frantic I shook my head and smiled. Caroline jumped off the couch walking in front of each of the boys but stopping in front of Niall. My eyes stayed on her wondering what she was about to do or say. Niall peered down at her With like some sorta half smiled filled with.hurt. She waved for.him to come down to her lecel in which he got down on one knee meeting face to face. "Your my favorite." She said wrapping her arms around his neck. I think I want to burst into tears right now. Caroline let go making her way back to me snuggling into my arms. "There one direction." She said aloud making them all laugh till zoey cut it quiet with her question "Why did you lie?" She asked I shrugged trying to play it off "I just wasn't sure how would yall react." I said she nodded and smiled "We support you." She said coming over to mess with Caroline. "Who's is she?" Niall asked my heart stopped all I know is that I can't say I don't know. Like who just right up says oh it's between you and louis. "um. Fin." I said before turning to Caroline the rest of the boys coming over to play with her. __________________________________________________Omg I can' believe we finally are on the sequel. Hoot! Hoot! But anyway sorry for the late update and for it being so small but I will try not to slack off! And thanks katie for the b day wishes! But please guys LIKE.COMMENT.FAVORITE!!! It would mean the world to us to see what you think so far! ~BRIANA
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