Love Me Still?

Audri Monroe has been through alot. She has broken a heart or two, lost her mom even her best friend.Even gotten pregnant! So she leaves only keeping in contact with Liam. What happens when she returns years later? Will Niall still love her? Will it be the happy reunion she hoped for?

( just a little note to say, Sorry this was abandoned for a while, but im back and Im now doing this alone because Brianna deleted her account so please be patient with me)


19. I dont want to go.


Audri's pov;

I walked out to the car with the boys, Caroline holding onto both of there hands in-between them. I opened the car door and turned to put her in seeing her hug Louis and cling to Niall. "i dont want to goo" she whined as Louis bent down kissing her cheek. "its okay pumpkin..I'll take you out for dinner tomorrow okay, but i got to go do some work" He told her leaving her with a small smile as she looked up at Niall. I smiled softly and hugged Louis goodbye out of politeness although unsure why I was being polite..i carried one of them's baby for 9 months and gave birth i should be allowed to be mean every now and then it wasnt easy for me. I dazed out going along with my mind till I heard Niall and Carolines conversation.

"Its okay princess, ill take you and mummy shopping" he told her as she jumped up and down excited. I raised an eyebrow and felt my heart beat increase. Was he doing this purely for her or to try an get to me. "is that okay with you?" He asked as I nodded softly not wanting to let Caroline down. She looked so happy about it, and maybe it would be fun. I lifted Caroline up and got her into the car seat letting Niall take over doing her belt up. "are you hungry? we can get food after" He asked her smiling as we both got in the car. "im hungry" she called clapping her hands as Niall smiled wide. "me and you will be best of friends princess" He told her winking as i shook my head. "seriously we were just at a cafe, and Caroline youve just ate how can you still be hungry?" I asked looking back at her before focusing on the toad.  "Shes a growing girl..of course she will be" Niall defended her just like I new he would.

I laughed staying quiet listening to there weird conversation about foods as I found a parking space and parked up helping her out. She took my hand before taking Nialls and we walked into the mall. Immediately people started to recognise Niall and flashes went of everywhere and I sighed only semi used to this attention, its not what i wanted for Caroline. She gripped our hands tighter standing between us. "i dont like it" She whispered as Niall bent down to her tucking her hair out of her eyes. "its okay..they just see you as there princess to so they want to take your picture because your so special and they love you just as much as me and mummy do" he whispered kissing her forehead and taking our hands again walking us into the nearest shop away from all the cameras and paps turning up.

I pulled out my phone looking at the pictures and tweets already making there way around. "is the baby Nialls? Are they playing happy families? Is Niall and audri dating?" These were the main questions. Niall sighed reading them and took my phone sliding it back into my bag. "DRESSES" Caroline squealed running over to them instantly . "Well shes definitely yours  " Niall whispered smirking and i rolled my eyes nodding. "i should hope I already know that..i was in labour long enough" I tease feeling him instantly hit me playfully round the head. "oi ouch" I called nudging him before he grabbed hold of me tickling me. Caroline looked at the dresses picking some out before looking to us smiling sweetly watching. "Nooo niall stop!" I stuttered between giggles. After a long moment he stopped and rested his head on my shoulder and I turned to look into his eyes before my daughters voice brought me back down to earth. "can i wear these?" She asked passing me the dresses shed picked out as I nodded navigating her to the small changing rooms

I took her into a cubicle while Niall sat outside on a small bench tapping his foot to the music playing. I helped Caroline out of her clothes and into her first dress doing it up and smiling. "beautiful" I told her loving the colour red on her and the polka dots just made her look adorable. She walked out to Niall smiling proudly. "what do you think?" she asked him walking down the corridor to the wall mirror posing at the end. I laughed clapping looking to Niall who just frowned. "its far to short your not going out in that" he told her sternly. "niall shes a child" I told him putting my hand on his shoulder as he motioned for her to come closer and pulled her onto his lap. "So heres the rules, your going to grow up wearing long dresses with high collars and your not getting tattoos or a boyfriend till your in your 30's" He told her as she looked at him blankly probably not understanding anything he said but knowing her and how adorable she had to be her only reply was . "Your the only boy i need " and then came the small innocent adorable smile and the flash of her dimples and I new she had Nialls heart bursting out of his chest as he hugged her and kissed her head. "thats right...keep it that way princess" he whispered letting her run of to get change.

I Smiled and looked to him waiting for her seeing as she told me she wanted to do it herself, i try to let her be as independent as she can be for her age. "thank you" I say to avoid the awkward silence. He just shrugged and stood up moving closer to me, I moved back so he hard me cornered against the wall and he looked into my eyes. "thank you for allowing this..thank you for giving birth to her" he whispered taking my hand. I looked down at our hands and felt myself involuntarily learn forward at the same time he did our lips connecting as we kissed softly, feeling like i never wanted it to end and thats when the cubicle curtain opened and we sprung apart to see Caroline passing us the dresses. I looked to Niall a little awkward and embarrassed what just happened? and why?

"lets go get some food" Niall called to change the mood as Caroline ran and jumped into his arms excited and yet again they walked off discussing food and what to eat while I paid for the dresses and followed them out taking photos. He was so good with her..maybe he was right. Maybe she does need a father in her life. Maybe she should know who out of Niall and Louis. I glanced down at the dna test in my bag and made the decision. It was time.


Im going to find out who Carolines father is. Today would be the day I would send the samples of for testing.

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