The Meet

This story is about a girl called Hannah who meets One direction !After she meets them werid thing start happing!Will all these werid things scare hannah away or will romance blossem?


4. The question

Today was the day Niall  was going move. The boys didnt know this though they thougt he was gonna move tomarrow. Today when Hannah woke up she got ready for Niall to move in. When Hannah was finally ready she heard a knock on her door. She opened it and it was Niall! "Hannah can I ask you something?" Niall asked. Hannah didnt know it was a plot so she said yes ! The last words before Niall left to go home where "I'll love you forever " With a evil smile on his face. After He left Hannah called Carlos telling him the news . "Be careful Hannah, If he brecks your heart I breck his face" Carlos said with a smile.Hannah laughed and hung up the phone......

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