her name is Darcy...she's your daughter ** COMPLETED **

It all started with I love you then this ...i was pregnant with Harry Styles' baby ! When i told him he got mad and left i wasn't surprised i mean we were 16 he wasn't ready for a child heck neither was i .Harry ended up wining the Xfactor and he joined a famous boy band now he had no time for a child so now i had to keep her a secret...


30. I cant believe you

Rachel's POV-

I was holding my baby boy with my baby girl Standing next to me. I looked up and Saw a girl I don't know who she was she Had a smug look on her face I got stift i had no clue who she was Harry's Eye went wide But he stood still. 

Oh what a cute baby Harry 

I looked at harry I then looked at the girl she was the one he was kissing I was trying hard to hold myself together. All the boys eyes were wide and The girls Were wondering who she was like me 

Hi Rachel I'm Harry's (Friend ) She said Winking at him 

I  got filled with Anger after that wink and what she said Harry's Eyes were filled with Regret and Sadness I shook my head and The doctor came in and said i had to rest so i could go home soon.

*** 2 Days Later ***

I was out of the hospital Now I was Holding Darcy's Hand And carrying Edward in his carrier thingy I was ignoring Harry i can't believe him all we have been through and he goes and cheats on me or whatever he did with that girl it is gross to even think about I get Darcy And Edward Settled in the back. i got upfront and When i buckled up Harry called Decline I said and then i hit the button to bad i have to go home and talk to him i just don't know he's Going to say i mean who is that girl? I pulled out of the hospital and headed home. 


Louis's POV-

Harry mate what are you going to say to her ? 

I don't know okay i screwed up i freaking hate myself now 

I shook my head you shouldn't have done that Harry She's going to be really hurt When she hears i said to him 

I know I know I just hope she dose not want to end it 

I looked at him and gulped Mate i don't know what she will do and whatever happens will be for the best i said to him 

I know she will be home any minute so wish me luck he said Walking out the door 

I was so nervous I didn't know what was going to happen so i had to snoop a little ...


Rachel's POV-

I got home Darcy ran inside and i was walking with Edward When i got inside I set The keys on the table it was quite Hello anyone home i said Niall ran Out let me see edward !!!!! He asked jumping up and down I giggled and handed him Edward Here do you mind watching him while me and Harry talk i asked? Of course And maybe even longer he said running into the room were everyone was hanging out Harry was standing there with his hands behind his back and he was biting his lip nervously

Who was the girl i asked looking him in the eyes 

Um Look Rachel When we were on tour Us guys Went to The club and well the girl me and her um yeah ...

I couldn't believe What i heard  Tears streamed down my face so You Ch-cheated on me ? And WHEN WE WERE MARRIED !!!! i said anger flew through my body 

Rachel i'm sor-

STOP Harry stop with the i'm sorry i'm SICK OF IT ! I never cheated on you and i wouldn't I can't believe this i had 2 of your children You know what i'm leaving i said getting my stuff. 

Wait please Rachel I love you 

i wiped my tears Yeah sure you do I brushed past him Oh and i'll be back for MY kids later I said and i ran to my car. 


Harry's POV-

I knew it she left she left i punched the wall and my hand was bleeding  Darcy was there she screamed when she saw my hand she ran into the living room with the others I fell to the ground i can't believe this I said crying Louis ran to me. She left didn't she he said I nodded i'm so stupid i said to him 

Harry look she just needs to calm down she will come back and be more calm and you guys will be okay 

No no Louis i screwed up ....bad this time 

Louis shook his head i'm sorry Harry 

he then went back to The room after like 10 minutes the door opened it was Rachel She saw my hand and me crying She walked in and looked down at me and i could tell she was crying because Her mascara was running She took a deep breath and said You don't need to hurt yourself for me She Said and Walked into the living room. 

Perrie's POV-

Things were going on in the kitchen and it was loud we were listening darcy was confused alot We told her it was nothing. After like 2 hours Rachel walked in the room "Darcy come on were leaving " She looked terrible her Mascara was Running and everything 

mommy where are we going ? darcy asked 

Somewhere else Rachel answered Everyone was quite Darcy went over to Rachel and took her hand Niall i need Edward too she said Niall Sighed And got up and gave him to her. Be careful please Niall said Rachel nodded and she waved to all of us. And she walked out the door and that was all. I Asked what happen and louis told me everything I got mad I stormed out of the room ANd saw Rachel darcy and Edward gone and Harry was there crying with a bloody hand. HOW COULD YOU BREAK MY BESTFRIENDS HEART !!!! i yelled at him he didn't say anything Things were actually getting better i said In a loud Whisper Everyone here was crying i can't believe you i said walking away I went to the living room Louis was comforting El and Liam with Dani and Niall was there crying in his hands I  ran to Zayn I can't believe him i said crying into his chest. 


Rachel kept driving until she got to Her Bestfriends house far away from harry's and her old  house She got some depression but she always looked to the brighter sides of the earth she has darcy and now lovable Edward by her side there with her through rough times and Good ones .

That is the end of Her name is Darcy...She your daughter 


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