her name is Darcy...she's your daughter ** COMPLETED **

It all started with I love you then this ...i was pregnant with Harry Styles' baby ! When i told him he got mad and left i wasn't surprised i mean we were 16 he wasn't ready for a child heck neither was i .Harry ended up wining the Xfactor and he joined a famous boy band now he had no time for a child so now i had to keep her a secret...


20. guy friend

i woulds like to thank cambamroxluvs1d for giving me this amazing idea thanks Cammy!!!!


Rachel's POV-

Today i am meeting up with an old time guy friend i haven't seen him for years his name is Aiden. He was my best  guy friend he always helped me out with stuff. And since everything is going on between me and the guys i figured i would go talk to him maybe he will help me sort things out. The boys said they would babysit Darcy for me and stuff like that i told them thanks and then headed off to go meet up with Aiden! On the car ride there my favorite song came on it was Teenage dirt-bag  i sang at the top of my lungs and before i knew it i was there me and Aiden were going to meet at Starbucks.When i got in i saw Aiden sitting at a table i walked here and sat down and a smile grew on his face ...Rachel ? he asked... Aiden ? i asked i couldn't believe how hot he got !!!

yeah it's me he said smiling proudly

Aiden i asked again he laughed and said Rachel? Yeah it's me i said giggling i sat down and we started to talk....


Aiden's POV-

me and Rachel sat down and we started to talk i know all about her and Harry and what happened ..eww !!! But anyway i promised i would always be there for her...So whats been going on R 

well things have been kinda confusing i mean Louis and Liam have been hitting  on me and all this wedding stress... I mean what if-

i cut her off stop stressing R things will be okay 

She sighed and said i hope so .

Do you love him ??

What Adien ??

Do you love Harry 

Of course i love him to death Darcy just loves him too 

she looked at me smiling i smiled back at her look about the other boys when they start hitting on you tell them to back off or bad things will happen okay.

okay thanks Aiden you always know what to say 

i know i said we then hugged i was going to miss these hugs i have been missing these hugs. I have been missing my best friend...


Harry's POV-

Yesterday when Rachel said she couldn't marry me it almost killed me i told all the boys to back off or else.Rachel went out to talk to some old guy friend she use to hang out with i remember him he always helped Rachel out with her problems. And that made me happy and it still dose ... but anyways i am watching Darcy and the boys are too Niall , Liam and Louis are playing with them zayn is just making fun of them. And i am making lunch for them Grilled cheese ..yum !!! i put them on plats and handed them out and we ate 

This is good Daddy!! 

I looked over at Darcy who was stuffing her face and Niall was doing the same i laughed and  when we were eating Rachel came in the door and set the keys down on the little table..

I'M HOME !!!!

Were in the living room i screamed she walked over and sat on the couch beside me she smiled at me and then looked over at Darcy and she said 

Oh my were you that hungry 

sh picked her up and she told us she was going to give Darcy a bath so when she left the boys all looked at me. What i said confused 

Nothing they all replied and went back to doing what they were doing before Rachel came back after an half and hour. And she came and sat on the couch beside me she kissed me and whispered i love you i looked at her and whispered i love you too we then heard Darcy and Niall say EWWW we both giggled oh how Much Niall acted like a child... I am just glad things are back on track!!!


Hey hope you liked it please like and favor you  would mean the WORLD to me !!! Thanks again to cambamroxluvs1d / cammy please comment what you think Thanks peace out~ jojo <3 

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