The Influence Escape. (1D On Temperary Hold)

An ordinary innocent teenager, with a dream. A dream that'll never come true. College, family and her father's perception of her future are the only things on her mind. But one person could change all this. Aggression. Hatred. Adventures. Change. Love...and an influenced escape.


8. Embracing The Difference.

We've been driving for around five minutes and I'm starting to worry a little. I'm in a car with an angry guy that I don't even know, going in the opposite direction to my house. Ok, so maybe worrying a little is an understatement. I'm crapping myself. 


Another couple minutes later we pull up in some sort of woodland area. There are no street lights around and we are far from any life form...well that's what it feels like. I look through the windows of the car and all I can make out is trees. I swear this is going to be like one of those horror movies where the crazy dude takes you into the middle of nowhere then pulls out a chainsaw and chops you up into a million pieces! Ok, maybe that's slightly over exaggerated, but you know what I mean. 


"Where are we?" I struggle to say as my nerves begin to kick in. But there's no reply. He just gets out of the car and begins to walk deeper into the woods. Without even thinking I reluctantly leave the vehicle and begin to follow him. As I walk the woodland grows darker and darker until I can barely see a thing. The only guidance I have is the rustling of the undergrowth as he continues to walk in a head of me. But then there it was. Right in front of me. The most amazing place I had ever seen. There was an opening in the woodland with a dirt beach and a shore against a lake. The moonlight reflecting perfectly on the ripples in the water as the night birds skimmed the surface. 


"This is beautiful." I simply say and see that he is lead on the ground at the water’s edge. I take a few small steps forward and then notice a bonfire and a lot of people on the other side of the lake. The party. As the gentle breeze blows across the lake I begin to hear the faint sound of the music and laughter...all his friends. I suddenly feel extremely guilty. It was my fault we left.


"Sorry I made you leave." I sympathetically say as I begin to walk closer to where he lies. But he doesn't reply. I then crouch down beside him brushing at the dirt to try and make a cleaner spot to sit. Just as I'm about to sit he gets up. Then walks back through the trees. I froze, still crouching in the same position. Is he just going to leave me here? I mentally question as I watch his figure finally disappear in the darkness. I slowly begin to stand up wondering whether or not to follow him when he re-appears with something in his hand. When he is back he lays down a blanket on the ground and then sits back down into the dirt. I smile and then sit down. 


"If your clothes get dirty, he'll know you weren't working." He says as he attempts to cover up his kind action.


"Thanks." I reply as I begin to stare out over the water. He didn't say anything after that, but then I didn't expect him to. He just sat staring out at the lake as well. Then it was silent for a few moments and all I could hear were the gentle ripples in the lake. 


"Why do you do that anyway?" His voice broke the silence and captured my attention.


"The whole science thing..." He continued and I gave him a slight confused look.


"I mean, you have your whole life ahead of you, the whole world at the tip of your fingers...and you choose to do science." He was right and what made it worse was that I didn't even want to be doing it. The only thing I have my heart set on is travelling. But there's more to life than what I want. I take a deep breath and feeling the need to explain myself I start to talk. 


"My dad passed away last year." I paused to try and hold back emotions that I knew were going to hit me at any second and my words immediately caught his attention as he turned to face me.

"He wanted me to be successful. He wanted me to go on to university." I quickly turned away from Louis as tears began to brim in my eyes. That's when he asked me. He asked me something no-one has ever asked me before. Something that made me think. Made me feel. Made me question. It made me question everything. My father, my mother, me...what was out there? What was I missing out on? That one question that began to change my life. Four simple words that had endless answers.

"What do you want Madison?" Suddenly I didn't feel sad anymore not even a little. The endless answers to his question flooding my mind distracted me from the loss of my dad. I turned back around to face Louis and he stared back blankly as he awaited an answer. But for once in my life, I didn't have one. I didn't have an answer. I wanted to travel, with a passion. But that's a stupid dream right? That'll never happen and by saying that I'll just make a fool out of myself. No one in Doncaster ever gets to travel the world. No one in Doncaster ever gets anywhere. 


So, I think for a moment. I think about travelling and living out my dream.


"I want to live." I say and he looks over at me again.


"I want to live not exist. I want to get out there and be someone. But I just don't know who yet." As I talk he begins to smile and I wait for a sarcy comment but he surprises me. He chuckles slightly as he turns to look back over the lake.


"I want to be a musician." He simply says and I watch as I see the passion in his eyes.


"I want to be centre stage every night, with the spotlight shining down on me. Screaming fans attempting anything just to see me...and I want to walk into a music shop and see my album on shelves all over the world." He pauses for a moment and I'm amazed that he has told me this. I mean if he can tell me why can't I tell him. 


"I want to travel." I pause and see that I've gained his attention.


"I want to travel the world. Italy, France, China. I mean, it seems all so beautiful from the magazines but that's not enough for me. I need to go there, I need to meet the people, see the sights. Just live a little."  The different places and things I could do take over my mind as I speak and words just start falling from my mouth. He's staring back at me. Lost in my words and amazed by how much passion I hold for my dream. He stares staring straight into my eyes and I'm finding myself getting lost in his. Everything about him seeming so perfect. My eyes flicker down to his lips then back to his eyes. I want to kiss him so badly. But turn away looking back out to the lake. 


"What’s your name anyway?" He asks me, breaking the silence that had arisen. I turn back towards him and there’s a smile on his face. 


"Madison." I reply and he nods his head.


"Maddie, I'm Louis, nice to meet you." I giggled at his comment shaking the hand that he held out towards me. He called me Maddie...and I didn't even have to tell him too. I smiled at the thought until I noticed our hands were still joined. I quickly pulled it away turning to face the lake once more. 


"Louis..." I said trying to gain his attention. 




"Why do you put on such a big front?" I carefully asked. 


"A front?" He replied confused and I momentarily turned to face him before looking back out at the water.


"Such a big image. You know, that bad boy act. The person that people on the street are too scared to approach." I said casually not knowing whether it would bring out his temper.


"What the hell are you on about!?" Louis immediately became irritated by my comment raising his voice.


"Well come on, one minute you're all nice and jokey then next you're some crazy intimidating psycho!" I raise my voice too. But, not wanting to start a huge argument I stand up and begin to head towards the woodland. 


"PEOPLE LIKE YOU THINK THEY KNOW ME!" Louis suddenly shouted at the top of his voice and in a split second my anger flew sky high. 


"PEOPLE LIKE ME! WHATS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!" I shout as I begin to walk back towards the furious figure.


"PEOPLE LIKE ME ARE THE ONES YOU SHOULD BE NICER TO! COME ON IF ALL THIS ISN'T AN ACT THEN WHAT HAPPENED THAT WAS SO BAD TO MAKE YOU LIKE THIS!" I scream at the top of my voice and walk off not expecting him to have an answer. But then he grabs hold of my wrist pulling me backwards slightly. 


"MY MOTHER LEFT US IF YOU MUST KNOW!" Louis bellows in my face and I can feel the hurt in his voice. But I'm too angry to care.


"YEAH, WELL I'D RATHER MY MUM LEAVE THEN MY DAD DIE. BUT YOU KNOW, LIFE'S SHIT!" I use all the anger I have left to shout back at him as I walk off into the woodland for the last time and begin to feel tears trickle down my cheeks. But he grabs me again. His painful grip around my wrists pulling me towards him. Then I find my back being forcefully pushed up against a tree and his lips suddenly crash to mine. His lips as soft as they move in unison with mine. The embrace overwhelming me as he releases my wrists and I begin to feel his hands run up the sides of my body. I strongly wrap my arms around his neck as we fall deeper into the kiss. But then his lips leave mine and for a moment we're both left breathless and staring intently into each other’s eyes. 


"I think I should get you back to my place, the old man will wonder where we've got to." Louis chuckles as he puts an arm around my waist and guides me back through the dark and to the car.


A/N- Heey everyone, was soo excited for you all to read this chapter! What do you think of Louis and Maddie's relationship? Do you think they'll become closer? or maybe forget about everything that just happened? How do you think Mr T will act when they arrive back? And what about both Maddie and Louis dreams? Let me know what you think. Sorry if there are a load of grammar mistakes I havent checked through it yet...have a huge headache :(    LOVE YOU ALL! oooooooh also what do you think Louis and Madisons' couple name should be? xxxxxxx

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