The Influence Escape. (1D On Temperary Hold)

An ordinary innocent teenager, with a dream. A dream that'll never come true. College, family and her father's perception of her future are the only things on her mind. But one person could change all this. Aggression. Hatred. Adventures. Change. Love...and an influenced escape.


6. A/N

Hey guys- just a quick little note, I know the start of this movella is taking ages to actually get 'started' and I appologize for that. I have been thinking about maybe rewriting the beggining because it seems boring to me... what do you guys think?


Also if you are reading this movella I would really appreciate if  you could every now and then leave a comment so that I know people are still reading it... because there is no point in me writing if no ones reading. Make sense? Anyway love you all, the story is about to get interesting! :') YAY!


N xx

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