One girl moves from Brighton, UK to West Monroe, Louisiana. She meets a girl at the new school, Sadie Robertson, who shows her all about the south. They become best friends. So what happens when her best friend ever from Ireland show ups for a concert down in the sweet south? Kloe Maxwell might find out something she never realized!


4. So you think I'm pretty?

Kloe's P.O.V.

The football came soaring at me, I have amazing reflexes being a boxer and all so I caught it with ease, I heard the boys coming towards me full speed ahead. "OMG JOHN LUKE YOU COULDA' HIT HER!!!!! GOD LORD JESUS, the one time I get a friend out here you hit her with a football!" screamed Sadie.


I grew up to "soccer balls" being footballs not ovals that are brown, whatever I bend over to where he laid on the grass and said,"Who are you?"


He looked at me , "do you not know me?"


'' OMG JOHN LUKE! SHE OBVISOULY DOESN'T LIVE HERE LISTEN TO HER TALK!" Sadie interjects. I help John luke up and hand over the ball. He thanks me and returns to his game. We walk inside of the beautiful home and the first thing I see are those camera men filming a middle-aged, blonde woman with Sadie's eyes and a man with a beard, American-Flag bandanna, and Camoflauge jacket with rain-boots. There was that guy Sadie said was Uncle Si taking a nap on the couch too. Sadie walks me up to her room. She opens the door and I let my jaw hit the floor!. It was very well decorated and pretty. I put my phone on her dresser and she turns on the tellie (television) and puts in Safe Haven, hmm something I haven't seen yet.


***After The Movie***


I see credits start to roll so I kindly ask for directions to the closest restroom, she points down the hall. I head down the hall, knock on what i'm guessing is the restroom, I don't hear anything so I walk in and the first thing I see is a practically naked John Luke with a smirk on his face. I jerk my head up towards the ceiling and this is probably the nerdiest thing I have ever said before, "Oh wow ceilings are like totally interesting. So what do you know about ceilings John Luke?"


"Oh come on Kloe, I almost hit you with an American football, the least I can do is let you see my abs!" he chuckles. I cut my eyes and sneak a peak at the superbly fit six pack. He chuckles and rolls his eyes finally I bring back my head from floating in outer space and he says, "So Kloe KO I just looked you up, you've won quite the fights haven't you. You don't resemble a boxer much."


"Oh I don't? Since you did your research you probably know that NO ONE gets past round one with me right?" I retort to stand ground against him.


"Yeah, but that doesn't matter if your pretty right?" did he really just imply that I win because of my looks? I make a hurt look and walk out of the bathroom. "Wait, Kloe your good at what you do, but I meant to say you are quite the beauty. Just about then i see that pretty blonde woman from the kitchen walk up the stairs, oh well i'm still speaking.


"So you think i'm pretty?" Her jaw drops thinking lord only knows, I'm guessing she's surprised because this guy is in his boxers talking to a girl.


''John Luke is that the girl you were talking about, the girl who boxes and is Sadie's friend?"


"Mom, not now!!!" he throws his head back in defeat. I cross my arms and smile, we introduce ourselves when Sadie sprawls into the hall like a mad woman.


"Kloe, this guy named Niall just texted you and he called, but i couldn't find you... John Luke why are you in boxers Mom, can ya help me here? Kloe so who's Niall?'' my eyes widen realizing i never texted Niall telling him i reached USA he probably thinks the plane crashed. I spin around grab my phone and look at the texts.


From Nialler<3


Hey Klo, you made it yet?


From Nialler<3


Um Kloe, whats up i haven't heard from you


From Nialler<3




From Nialler<3




"Oh Nialler! Korie is it OK i have to make a call can you show me to a quieter place. Sadie I'm gonna explain after I call him back and uh John Luke why don't you go grab some pants and a shirt that could help you."


Korie leads me to a guest room and smiles, "Take all the time you need sweetheart." she walks back towards the kitchen and I walk into the guest room close the door and sit on the window sill.  Now to call Niall.




 *rings rings*


Niall: Kloe KLOE babe are you okay!?


Kloe: Yes Nialler, I'm fine I met this girl who Im good friends with now. We hit it off.  Sorry we were just watching a movie and I forgot.


Niall: Are you forreal? My mom gave me this pill and now I'm really tired I think she said something about shutting me up with it who knows


Kloe: Oh Nialler, hows Ireland and brighton?


Niall: Lonely im in boarding school now!


Kloe: WHAT why??


Niall: I don't know, mom wants me to focus on school, but I'm just waiting for the year I get on x factor!


Kloe: Niall that's a chance at a small shot, like my boxing who knows about x factor right now?


Niall: Yeah, whatever hey guess what I wrote a song!


Kloe: cool Niall, how does it go?


Niall: " All those days and nights and weeks I tried to steal a kiss and all those sleepless nights and daydreams where I pictured this," that's just a little bit of it...


Kloe: Wow Niall that pretty well I think I'd better go I'm at Sadie and John Luke's house right now!


Niall: Oh, okay wait what um whose John Luke?  Is he replacing me?  Are you going out whats going on?


Kloe: No niall nobody is replacing you your my closest person ever!  We aren't dating I just met john luke, if we go out it probably wont be for like a year!  Don't worry I gotta go Niall I love you remember that!


Niall: *sigh of relief* Oh okay and Kloe, I love you too always remember that I'm always here Kloe bye


***Line goes dead***


John Luke's P.O.V.

I couldn't help but feel a bit jealous towards this Niall kid I mean Kloe is gorgeous and I really think I like her. Sadie wags her eyebrows at me and whispers telling me to go listen to the conversation.


I patiently wait for something interesting to pop up then I hear it.


Kloe: Niall that's a chance at a small shot like my boxing who knows about the X-Factor right now.


Great... a singer I can't amount to that! Wait!  Did she just say I love you, hold up?


Kloe: No Niall nobody is replacing you your my closest person ever we aren't dating I just met John Luke if we go out it probably won't be for like a year! Don't worry I gotta go Niall I love you remember that *pause* okay bye love.!


Oh shoot she's coming! I sprint towards the door to my room and leave it open to hear what happens in Sadie's room. "Gurl so who is he??" my sister is so snobby, but right now so am i so it doesn't matter.


"He.... he's just a.... friend?" that was definitely Kloe.


"mhmmm friend is it why so unsure?" Sadie...


"Well he and i were the next closest thing to boyfriend and girlfriend, we love each other, but i.. obviously had to leave before we could like date or anything and i never got to tell him I love him"


"you just did in the other room duhh!"


"like we say it as in friends but i don't know i feel like we both wanted something more... who am i kidding I wont see him until two summers pass he more than likely gonna forget about me." I hear a ding for a text message as if on time she speaks again was that a sniffle i think i hear her crying. "See, he says that he will never forget me but i know he will. Because i'm not anything special. ya know I'm kinda thinking that he's gonna find another girl once i'm fogotten" i stand in the doorway of Sadie's room Sadie is looking intently in Kloe's eyes a depressed  Kloe in her arms. I think i'm tearing up too, NO i can't cry i should be a strong figure for a weak one right. I walk to the bedroom and give a reassuring hug. She stands up gets her phone puts herself together again like solving a puzzle and, " Well i should probably get going thanks for the hospitality."


"Oh, Kloe I can walk you home its not a problem." I say


"Okay thanks again guys" and with that we leave our house to find hers.


Niall's P.O.V.


Who is this guy??? I'm all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram looking him up. Oh here he is John Luke Robertson, co star on Duck Dynasty, Willie and Korie Robertson's first son. Wow...he's got some looks. OH LORD now i'm worried what happens if we stop talking i need to see Kloe! I need to get a better phone and facetime her! I need to see her beautiful face. This is gonna be a longgg two years away. Kloe i'll never forget you there that text will last me long enough to get a new phone and surprise her with a facetime call. I miss her.





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