The Allegiant

Have you ever had a dream that haunts you in your sleep? That doesn’t make any sense, but is terrifying anyway? That you can never forget and that you’ve never told anyone about?
And what if you found out this dream was real . . .

Macey Jackson is an average American girl, or at least that’s what she thinks. Macey was adopted at birth, she just doesn’t know it yet, she has a secret past that’s been hidden from her full of danger, myth and magic.
And she’s not alone.
Macey along with five others are the Allegiant.
And they’re about to find out what that means.


4. Summer

  Summer woke up to sirens flaring all around the firehouse. Summer bolted upright in bed, her scream was lost in the loud shrill of the fire alarm. Just the thing she needed to settle her nerves after having that crazy dream again. She climbed shakily out of bed and dropped down the fire pole almost losing her footing as she landed. Summer was still in her pajamas, she just needed to wake up and calm down, anything else was a second thought.

  “Sam?” she called, as the sirens died down and she hit the floor, like she’d been doing since she was a kid.

  “In the kitchen,” he shouted in reply.

  “What’s going on?” she asked taking a seat at the table.

  “The usual,” he shrugged and handed her some breakfast.

  “I mean why aren’t you going?”

  “Not on gouty until this afternoon. I was waiting for you to go to school before I went back to the flat.” Sam was her foster dad, but he felt like more like a big brother. As for her real parents, she didn’t know anything about them. But she did know they were long gone, dead.

  “Okay,” she yawned, finishing off her toast.

  “Sorry,” he apologized as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

  “Why are you sorry? Anyway you get used to it living in a firehouse.” Summer stood up and made herself a drink. She shivered as her bare feet touched the stone floor. “God it’s freezing in here.”

  “No wonder, you’re sitting around in your pajamas,” he laughed.

  “No seriously, look outside it looks like it’s going to snow.” Summer pointed to the window and he turned around and looked back shocked.

  “You’re right, how weird is that?”

  “Very,” she agreed, the weather looked as gloomy as she felt. She finished off her drink and went upstairs. It was warmer in there.

  She shared a room with the other firemen when she stayed in the firehouse. She didn’t mind it though, she’d been doing it for years, it was pretty much all she knew. Ever since Sam adopted her she’d been going back and forth between the flat and the firehouse. It just depended on when Sam was working. She did get very intense wake up calls sometimes though, just like today.

  Summer pulled on a pair of jeans and a jacket from her overnight bag then she found her sneakers and went into the bathroom. Still shaken from the dream she washed her face and shook her head, as if the dreams would just fall out.

  Failing to get rid of the horrible feeling that had set over her like the strange clouds outside she went back to the fire pole and dropped. Sam threw her, her school bag and said “Get to school.”

  “I’m going, I’m going,” she complained, almost dropping the bag. “Stay safe today.”

  “I will.”

  “Promise?” she teased.

  “I promise now go.”

  “Okay, okay.” She half laughed, she’d said the same thing to him almost every morning for her whole life. When she was younger his job used to get to her a lot more. “Hey look the weather’s perked up,” she saw the beam of light breaking through the clouds and creeping through the windows.

  “No way,” he walked over to the window as if it would suddenly cloud over again. “That’s crazy. It’s like the sky’s reflecting your mood.”

  “Now you’re crazy,” Summer rolled her eyes and went to get her skateboard just as the fire truck pulled in. “Small fire, out in no time.” Larry said. “Hey Summer you want a ride?” he asked.

  “Yeah!” she put her skateboard back and climbed onto the back of the truck with the other guys.

  “Are you sure you should be doing that?” Sam asked.

  “Of course,” Larry protested. “You want her to get to school doing you? Look at the time, if she takes her skateboard she’ll be late.” Summer dug out her phone and checked the time, it was already 8:45, she would be lucky if she was on time anyway.

  The truck was already pulling out when Sam shouted his okay.   

  When Summer got to school pretty much everyone was staring at her. They were used to her riding in on her skateboard, not on the back of a fire truck. Ostentatious didn’t even begin to cover the affect it had. The sun had been shining but it seemed to dull over as she realised how much attention she was getting. Like the sun was shying away as much as she was, she ducked her head down and raced to class as the sun found yet more clouds to cover its face as well.

  Summer hadn’t had the craziest morning out of the six but she was beginning to notice the weird weather more and more. After the morning lessons she went out to break with her friends but the sun was still tucked away behind a thick layer of clouds.

  It was a few minutes later when they heard sirens and saw flashing lights in the distance. Then a fleet of police cars and fire trucks went past. Something bad must have happened. Summer felt a sinking feeling in her gut, the same one she’d been dreading for years. She saw the number of the back of one of the trucks, it was Sam’s bases number.

  The sky turned black instantly and rain poured from the sky, soaking everyone in the yard in a matter of seconds. Then out of nowhere lighting flashed right above the school and Summer heard the sound of windows smashing.

  The school turned to chaos and everywhere she looked people were running inside, teachers were hoarding kids towards the building but Summer pushed past them and jumped the locked gates of the school.  Summer had somewhere else she needed to run to. The wind picked up and whipped her hair all around her but it practically propelled her forward, as she ran she could barely even feel her feet touch the ground, the wind was on her said as she raced forward. Summer ran back to the firehouse, the words ‘stay safe’ ringing in her head.

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