Parent Trap

So this is my first story so sorry if I screw up on it and I am copying the movie but ive tweaked it. So I hope you enjoy it!
What happens when your daughters find out they're sisters and decide to switch places? Where you have to meet your past, and all the memories that you've missed. Well this is my story. Hi my name is Morgan Matreci and I am the parent of Darcy Styles and Lenice Matreci, also former girlfriend of Harry Styles from One Direction.


6. Let The Games Begin!

After we ate we went to our sport activities. We did a little b-ball, swimming, volleyball, and now we're going to fencing! I love fencing...haha, not! I've never tried it, I always thought it was boring but Lizzy and Kelly talked me into it. "Alright name?" The counciler asked "Lenice Matreci." I said. She wrote down my name and showed me where the gear was. I bean putting it on when I heard another player stepped in "Name?" "Darcy Styles." Wait a that British Queen I hear? Oh this is gonna be good! "Alright first match is Darcy Styles and Lenice Matreci. Ladies step up." We then took our stances "Ready ladies?" she asked us "Ready!" i swung my sword "All good here!" Darcy said with abit of worry in her voice...haha, this is going to be to easy! "ON GUARD!" I took the first hit and smacked her on the leg "OW!" "You gotta swing princess!" Everybody then started laughing. Boy was her face red! I could see it through her mask! "I AM NOT A PRINCESS!" SMACK! Right on my arm! Okay now we're getting somwhere! We then began fightng properly and moving a little too much, but i was enjoying it. I got her cornered and hit her sword out of her hand. "YA!" "AHH!!" Right into the water bucket she went. I started laughing "Haha! I mean...uh let me help you." I reached my hand towards her...big mistake...SPLASH! Now I'm in the water with the brat. "Now look who's laughing!" She mocked at me. I just splashed her and sat there. "Well girls, that was quite a match! Our winner is Miss Darcy Styles!" Her team began cheering fora we got out of the water bucket not looking at eachother. I took my mask off and not even bothring looking at her "Okay girls. Shake hands." Ain't gonna happe as long as I LIVE!. "Girls c'mon." I heard her huff...she's such a girl! I then decided to turn around and get it over with. We turned around and then...

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