The Boy from Berkshire (A danisnotonfire fanfic)

Everyone wants to see there favourite artist or band play there favourite album in complete, well I did, 2011, Muse, the Origins of Symmetry. But my so-called-friends decided to ditch me. Then I find Dan howell, and there is a connection, no not love, rather friendship.


2. Music and a real water fight

Chapter 2


I looked at the stereo sheepishly, enjoying every note that played through the sound system, my eye flickered between Dan and the stereo countless times before he turned the volume up, blasting Music through out the area. I smiled quickly, shaking my head in time with the beat. "With my plug in baby...." I muttered the words.


I felt a cold sensation spread through me, I spluttered, as icy cold water dripped from my sideways gary, or side fringe, so it covered my face and I was blinded. "Dan?" my voice was low and dangerous.

He chuckled, "Yes?" he asked innocently.

I ran after him, sweeping the hair out of my eyes, taking my blasting water bottle and drenching him, after about twenty seconds Dan held out his fore finger, telling me to stop for a second, he was panting and grinning at the same time. "Thanks you." I breathed, "I was worried that I would have to carry on running!"


I stood by the radio, listening to the music and catching my breath and I had the feeling someone was behind me, just as I was going to turn around I felt the icy sensation of water all over me, I turned around to see, AMAZINGPHIL, and no, I am in no way joking about this. "It's.......OHMYGOSH! It's AmazingPhil!" I got a nasty look from Dan. I shrugged to hear something crackle, I turned to the radio too see sparks jumping from it, it was shaking violently. "Fuck." I muttered quietly, diving to safety, to find that both Dan and Phil were looking at me. I laughed slowly, "I may watch to much BBC..." my voice trailed off.

"By that you mean?" Phil asked, his Northern accent stinging the air.

"Sherlock, Torchwood, Doctor Who." I gushed without hesitation, I paused, "I am way to open." I confirmed.

"No shit, sherlock!" Dan laughed.


I looked at him in a 'Really?' kind of way, as to tell him it was obvious, "So what about you," I turned to Dan, "Phil?"

Dan pouted sourly, "Whad-about-me?"

"Yeah." Phil followed on with uncertainty.

"I'm not interested in you Dan, I am a Phillion." I laughed, "Jokes! I like you both, but Phil hasn't been able to talk much. You keep interrupting him."

"Yeah!" Phil agreed, poking his tongue out at Dan, Dan gave him the middle finger and grinned cheekily.

"Ooh! Burn!" I chuckled dictating their pathetic 'man points' match, I stood there, completely uninterested in the work they were doing when Phil turned to me, "Did you seriously get ditched by your friends?"

"No!" my voice rolled like a sarcasm sushi roll, "I love carrying a ton of bricks with me when I camp."

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