The Werewolves Crew

Matt is an ordinary boy with a horrible family. One day he leaves for school and his life is thrown upside down when he encounters not only the police but notorious criminals The Werewolves Crew. As he's been chased through the streets for crimes he didn't commit, one of the Werewolves, a girl named Scar comes to his aid and makes him a member, Mutt.


3. Mission

  Matt was in serious trouble. The police had come after him full force and far too quickly for it to be for the window incident. He could hazard a guess why he was suddenly public enemy number one but it was hardly worth thinking about.

  He’d made his way through most of the town, knocking past people in crowded streets and darting in front of cars to get as much distance behind him and the police as fast as he could. He must have looked like quite the sight crashing into people with his arms clutched to his chest. One well-placed elbow to the ribs and he would have gone down like a sack of shit.

  He just hoped he hadn’t caused too many problems, he’d heard quite a few horns blaring and a hell of a lot of colourful language being shouted behind him. Nothing he was unfamiliar with.

  Matt came to a stop and looked around, he was on a street corner and seemingly out of nowhere he had no idea where he was. The streets were unfamiliar, the road names didn’t mean anything to him and as much as he was getting odd glances every now and again, it was more of concern for the boy running around covered in blood, then the judgemental looks he was used to.

  There was no time to be flattered. It would only take one person to call the police worried for them to know exactly where he was, even if he didn’t.

  At some point he realized he wasn’t just running scared anymore, he was running away for good, he already knew he wasn’t going home today, So why not never? The police were no doubt after him for his dad’s crimes and that was enough for him to lose what faith he had left that his life would somehow get better. He was determined to never go back. Of course he’d been thinking of it for years but he never could find the nerve. The fear of getting caught mid-mission-impossible escape had been too terrifying.

  Matt looked around despairingly, he must be miles from home and other than the police chase, that suited him just fine. The thought of never going home, never having to sit through mundane classes, getting qualifications for jobs no one would hire him for anyway, or getting teased and tormented by relentless bullies, it all sounded too good to be true.

  In terms of his parents, a hard knot formed in his stomach when he realized he probably wouldn’t even be missed.

  Matt just wanted to disappear but he felt like he was being swallowed up by a rabbit warren of roads. He was far from being free yet. A jail cell didn’t sound that appealing, even if it meant a roof over his head and three meals a day, he was not going home. The sirens had managed to stick with him all day. Matt felt like he was in GTA, except of course he had never stolen a car or punched a random pedestrian, but he had caused enough commotion today to warrant that comparison. He was expecting a helicopter to start shooting at him any minute.

  Matt knew he couldn’t stop or they’d catch up with him in no time, he may be somewhere new but unfortunately he still stuck out like a sore thumb. The houses looked like new builds, the type with pretty gardens all perfectly mown out front, and if it wasn’t a garden it was a driveway big enough for three cars.

  Matt ducked down a side road that looked quiet enough to hide for a bit. He was out of breath and leant up against a wall to recover. His side was cramping and the pain in his chest was worsening. Never mind running on an empty stomach. All he had in his backpack was yesterday’s bottle of water that he’d begun to ration. His stomach growled at him and he screwed his face up in frustration. He’d grabbed his backpack instinctively that morning before running but he didn’t have any food or any money for that matter. He was suddenly tempted to dump it but he’d worked hard at one point to earn it and it might come in useful. Really, it was all he had.

  Matt heard the sirens drop away behind him. He leant forward placing his hands on his knees, catching a moment of relief. His breath caught in his throat, then came out in a wheeze, he felt like his ribs were broken.

  It couldn’t have been more than a few minutes before the sirens started up again, far enough that they might not have even been for him. No less alarmed he headed down the road doing his best to ignore the pain. Sweat was making his clothes stick to him uncomfortably, his back was like Niagara Falls and still that was the least of his problems. A pain shot up his side and he was forced to stop for a second, winded. Matt knew he couldn’t run forever, he had to find somewhere to hide. He cursed all those books and movies he’d seen that made it look so easy.

  Determined not to end up back home he found the strength to carry on and made his way down the road, in search of somewhere they wouldn’t find him, if that place even existed.  


  Scar was still rattled as they made their way through deserted streets. Most of the houses they passed had broken windows and doors, the only life around were a few stray cats and possibly one or two squatters boarded up inside. She had her hands balled into fists in her pocket as she followed distractedly.

  Rickie was unbearable as he walked a few paces ahead of the rest of them. He had tried to leave Comet behind at the theatre so that Scar could come but one look from her and they were on their first six wolf mission. She would have felt bad except for the fact that she should have been there in the first place. As long as he knew how far Scar would go to try and change his mind it would have always been the same. Now that was over she could practically feel him seething from the back of the group.

  Scar had used to feel like she might never step foot outside the theatre again. Things would have to be different. She only wished that the others had seen Rickie’s manipulation.

  After all she had been there longer than most people. Scar craved the outside, fearing she would go insane being stuck inside for months on end. That’s why she’d insisted on these follow up missions.

  ‘Officially’ they were out to check that no police were around the area. To make sure they hadn’t been discovered after last night’s raid. Rickie had been a sucker once Scar had suggested it. We have to make sure our secret is safe after all, she remembered him answering. Bullshit, she’d been thinking secretly.

  They raided at night to stay hidden and it worked well, they just had to be sure. At first it had only been three people on these missions but eventually as their numbers grew, they’d made it five as well. Scar knew they had to get out as much as possible otherwise the Werewolves would go insane living in a cage all day. She knew all too well that he would go insane if anyone left, in fear their secret would be exposed.

  So far no one had much to go back to so they weren’t giving up a lot. It was safe; they always had food and water, hot showers and somewhere to sleep. It was Scar who felt the tension, not Rickie. It was Scar who knew they would eventually fall apart at the seams. People weren’t meant to live this way. But what could they do when what people were leaving behind was so much worse?

  The street they were walking down was familiar, not far from the theatre. Comet, Fawn and Scar were tailing the other Werewolves. This whole part of town was abandoned. They hadn’t walked past one inhabited house yet, but they all still had their hoods pulled up over their heads, despite the blatant lack of rain and backpacks slung over their shoulders.

  “You are unbelievable.” Fawn slapped her semi-gently on the arm. So far she’d gotten away with talking about what had happened but the others were getting inpatient for answers.

  “Whatever.” Scar kept her head down, avoiding her gaze. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

  Fawn held up a hand in surrender. “Fine I don’t care,” she lied and adjusted her hood. “Uh fine, I do care. Tell me, what the hell happened?”

  Scar stared at the ground, desperately trying to avoid answering. 

  “Did you guys break up?” Statz asked lightly over his shoulder, a few paces ahead. His hair was sticking out of his hood, it would have been funny another time.

  “You have to be kidding me.” Scar slowed down, not wanting to be overheard. “We haven’t been together in years and you know it.” Scar couldn’t look at them, she was reeling. How could they not see how he’d treated her all this time? Scar had an ache in the pit of her stomach and tried to concentrate on getting fresh air into her lungs.

  “We just mean that you’ve must have still liked him. There’s no way you would have done that otherwise.” Comet said, clearly not having understood anything.

  “Don’t you guys get it!” Scar thundered suddenly. “I just want to get picked the same as you but he uses me like a bitch so I have to humiliate myself every time just to get outside.”

  Everyone stopped and all eyes turned to her, wearing identical expressions of shock. Shit, Scar cursed herself.

  Before anyone could do anything, voices came from the next street. It sent shivers down Scar’s spine. The Werewolves scanned the streets frantically, remaining silent. The tension was as thick as soup.

  They were at a street corner, in full view of anything coming. The silent panic was deafening. Scar could hear her heartbeat in her ears. This was all her fault. She had never wanted to run away more in her life.   

  Suddenly she saw them. Between the gaps in the houses she could see two police officers were walking down the next road and they were looking for something.

  “Crap,” Comet whimpered, her eyes widening in horror. She turned white and looked as if she was going to puke.

  Rickie whirled around. “Quick guys, they heard us, we got to get back now!” He ordered his Werewolves, looking at Scar especially. A wave of guilt washed over her.

  Scar scanned the streets. These missions were a farce, not once in all their years had police ever been around. And the fact that this time of all the times they hadn’t even broken in, Scar knew there must be something else.  

  “Wait!” Scar whispered furiously, she was desperate to defend herself. “Look,” she pointed as a boy sprinted down the street across from them. As she watched the police spotted him and took off after him, marching decisively after him. “It’s not me, it’s him,” she realized, feeling slightly relieved. The police were gaining on the boy fast and he didn’t see them. The Werewolves readied themselves as the boy turned a corner out of sight.

  He looked terrified. He must have known they were after him, just not so close. He hadn’t seen the Werewolves and suddenly Scar couldn’t take it anymore. She took off running after him.

  “Scar stop, are you crazy?” Comet yelped, desperately.

  “Don’t wait for me, just run!” Scar shouted behind her.   

  “What the hell are you doing? Stop!” Rickie tried to grab her but she twisted away managing to dodge him.


  Scar sprinted. Her heart was pounding in exhilaration, she had no idea what had come over her. Her feet hammered the pavement as she belted down the street. If she got around the corner before the police saw her, this could work.

  The muscles in her legs were screaming at her before she reached the end of the road and she felt her right calf start to tear. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been able to run like this. But somehow the exertion and the adrenaline felt good.

  Scar just about made it around the corner in time before the police came into view. She skidded into the street, losing her balance and the weight of her backpack sent her crashing into the wall and jolted her shoulder painfully. She groaned before picking up speed again and raced towards the boy who was slowing down in front of her.

  Scar reached him. “No you don’t.” She grabbed hold of his wrist, her momentum pulling him forward.

  He jumped at her touch, his eyes went wide. “What the h-” He whipped his hand away from her and stepped back a few paces. Scar was surprised to see that he was hurt. He was covered in blood and his eye was black with a bruise.

  Scar fumbled for a response, he was looking at her like he’d expected her to slap a handcuff on his wrist.

  “What the fuck are you playing at?” He squared his shoulders. “Are you crazy?”

  “Shush, just run!” Scar whispered to him. “I can help get you away from the police.” She knew the area perfectly and jogged down the street.

  He hesitated before following her. “There’s an alley down here, we can hide if we hurry.” Feeling the exposure like a microscope Scar reached for his arm to pull him faster behind her.

  “We? Get off.” The boy only stopped, moving away out of her grasp. “I’ve been running all day, what’s it got to do with you? What-? Who are you?” he asked, he threw his arms out in frustration.

  “Scar-” she answered.

  “Scarlet. What the hell do you want with me?”

  “Just Scar,” she corrected bitterly. She started to panic. “I can get you out of here.”

  He looked at her strangely and opened his mouth to reply just as Scar heard the voices louder behind them. “Shhh!” Scar couldn’t help herself, she rushed forward and clamped a hand over his mouth.

  “Get the fuck off me!” The boy slapped Scar’s hand away and moved to go around her, his shoulder banging into hers. “I don’t have time for this.”  

  Her nerves were standing on edge. The voices echoed closer now, the footsteps were gaining on them.

  Scar’s heart dropped and the boy froze realizing his mistake. 

  The alley was only metres away. Scar had to force herself to stay calm. “It’s not too late,” she whispered to him. Her Werewolf instincts kicked in and she ran for the alley only vaguely aware that he was on her heels.

  The police rounded the corner into the street just as they made it into the alley, Scar’s heart was in her mouth.

  The boy was a split second behind her. “Did they see you?” she panted.

  “I don’t know,” he admitted. “I don’t think so.” He rushed past her and started down the alley.

  Hoping he wouldn’t shout she grabbed for his hand. “No, we can’t lead them in, we’ll be screwed.”

  He turned back to her, his eyes heavy. “Then what do we do?”

  For the millionth time that day Scar had no idea what she was thinking but she grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him up against the wall, harder than she intended to.

  He screwed up his face shock, but didn’t protest. She kicked herself for coming after him, how could she be so stupid? Scar still had her hood up and in one swift movement she pressed herself against him, wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his hood up around them, concealing both their faces.   

  “This is your plan-?” he backed up against the wall, squirming away from her.

  “Uh-uh!” she shushed him. He stared at her incredulously. Scar had her hands on either side of his hood pulling him down and she leaned into him. She felt sick with fear, her heart beating overtime and she had to fight to steady her breath. What am I doing? I must be insane.

  “Sca-” he started. No! Before he could finish saying her name she clamped her mouth on his, effectively shutting him up.  

  He mumbled in way of protest against her lips but the fight went out of him quickly. His hands settled either side of her face and Scar jumped, pulling away to find two perfectly round eyes staring back at her. His mouth formed a little O and Scar turned her face into the small of his neck while the police hurried past the alley. One officer coughed uncomfortable and they rushed off up the street. 

  When the police disappeared from sight they sprung apart. His hands were still hovering where her face had been, like he’d forgotten how to put them down.

  “Um, uh,” Scar cleared her throat. “Er, I thought if they saw us as just two teenagers kissing …” she struggled to explain. “That kind of stuff makes people uncomfortable, they wouldn’t look too close.”

  God knows what he must be thinking of her, Scar blushed, she was thankful it had worked. Scar took another step back and tried to get her thoughts in line.

  “Er yeah,” he let out a slow breath, his voice a little higher than before. He looked like he’d just been slapped, Scar tried not to take offence. “Good plan.” He adjusted his jacket, recovering his composure. 

  Scar couldn’t have been more embarrassed. Did she really just tackle a stranger in the middle of the street and kiss him? She hated that she was so shocked it had worked, it could so easily have put both of them in the back of a police car, sharing a pair of handcuffs. She decided even if he thought she was crazy it was the least of their worries right now.

  Scar felt more blood rush to her head and turned heading further into the alley.

  “Hey, wait up.” He recovered from shock and came after her. “Where are you going? Are you really going to kiss and run?”

  Scar stopped and rounded on him. “Too soon for jokes,” she pointed an accusive finger at him. “If you’d have just came with me we would have been hidden before they got close.”  

  “You didn’t say the cops were right behind you, and how the hell did you know anyway?” he narrowed his eyes at her, sceptically.

  “I was just around the corner. You’re welcome by the way.”   

  The boy looked away from her, his emotions hard to read as he let out a long breath. “Thank you, I guess. I just have no idea what’s going on.”

  “That makes two of us.” Scar kept moving deeper into the alley. “I can explain, will you come with me and I can help you? I know somewhere they won’t find us.”

  Scar had rarely been on a mission when the Werewolves had picked up a new member. She thought back but as far as she knew, they found out about the Werewolves back at the theatre, so how did they manage to convince people to just come with them? Or was that just it, it wasn’t really a choice.

  “So what now?” he asked her, dropping a shrug.

  Scar looked at him uncertain, everyone deserved a choice. “The police are still around. I’m assuming they’re after you for something. Do you want me to help you get home or do you want to come with me? I know somewhere safe. There are a lot of people just like you.”

 He looked stunned, not even knowing what someone like him was. He could tell she was holding back something. “I can’t go home.” He shook his head, determinedly. “I don’t have anywhere else to go.”

  “If you come with me, you will be safe. No one will be able to find you.”

  “That sounds pretty good actually, where is it?” he asked. As much as he wanted to run away, this seemed too good to be true. A hot girl comes running down the street, seconds before the police find you, saves your arse and kisses you, before asking you to run away together? Things like that don’t happen to guys like him. Or anyone really, this was crazy.

  “It’s really hard to explain, but it’s not far. If you come with me, I’ll explain everything.” She started walking slowly in the hopes that he would follow.

  “Okay, it’s not like I’ve got much choice.” He scuffed his feet on the pavement.

  “I’m giving you a choice.” Scar stopped and looked at him seriously. “If you’ve ever genuinely dreamed of running away and leaving everything behind, then come with me. If you’ll end up still running from police, getting arrested, trying not to get kicking out of school or whatever problem it is that you’ve got, then this is perfect for you. If you have something better to go home to then you should. I would if I could.”

  “I left this morning,” he started, his shoulders sagged, the fight seemed to leave him. “My dad, he um, did this,” he gestured to his bloody face. “As soon as the cops came after me I decided I’d had enough. There’s nothing for me to go back to. I didn’t know where I was heading, or where I am now but I am not going back.”

  Scar relaxed with relief, she’d known she was right to come after him. There was something about this boy that was different. At the same time he was just like the rest of them.

  “My name is Matt.”

  “I’m Scar.”

  “Is this the part where the princess is saved by the knight in shining armour?” A tiny spark of something returned to his voice.

  Scar laughed at the suddenness of his humour. “I guess it is, but it feels more like princess and the frog.” She played along, finding herself wanting too.

  “Well we might need to try that kiss again because I still look like shit.”

  Scar surprised herself with her next though, shit was the last word she would have used to describe him, except maybe the bruised and blood stained parts. All she said in response was, “You should be so lucky.”

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