Love at first sight

When a new kid named Justin comes to Andrea's school, what will happen? Will they become friends? Or will the be more than that?


11. Your WHAT!?

*next day*


I woke up to justin pacing back and forth in the room. His hands were on his forehead and I could hear him whisper something, but I couldn't actually make the words out. Something like about Ryan.


Me: “babe, what's wrong?”

Justin: “oh, you're up. Well, Ryan and Natalie, have some news to tell us, I guess.”

Me: “what kinda news?”

Justin: “I'm not sure, but get dressed and they'll tell us.”


I was really concerned, on what was going on with Ryan and Natalie. So I got dressed and all of us (Chaz, melanne, Ryan, Natalie, and justin) went to Starbucks.

When we got there we got our orders and sat down.


Me: “so, what's this about?”

Melanne: “yeah, really!?”

Chaz: “you girls don't know either?”

Me: “no, I guess nobody knows. Natalie, what's going on?”


Natalie looked over at Ryan with a nervous face.

What the hell is going on.

Natalie looked too shocked to say whatever it was.


Ryan: “sh-h-he's.... P-Pregnant....”


Mel, Chaz, Justin and I almost spit our drinks out.


Melanne: “oh hell to the no! She ain't pregnant! Girllll! I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO DUMB THINGS LIKE THAT!”

Natalie: “but- but, we have to tell you something else.”

Chaz: “well go on.”

Ryan: “we've know each other since we were 2....”


All of us were in shock.


Me: “uhhh. Can you do some explaining!?”


(Justin's POV)


Ryan: “well, when we were young, are parents were friends. So whenever Natalie's parents came over, they would bring her. Natalie and I started bonding and became best friends. Then 2 years later we both started school…”

Natalie: “we both went to school there and were best friends, for

all those years,  and then in 3rd grade Ryan and I accidentally kissed each other. So then we stop talking to each other because it was awkward....”

Ryan: “then in 6th grade we started talking to each other again. Then we started dating.”

Natalie: “7th grade came along and Ryan had to move.”

Ryan: “Natalie and I were both crying for days when I found out I was moving to Stratford. So then came the day I moved, we were both promising each other we would never move on and never forget each other. So I moved to Stratford and met justin and Chaz. Then came 8th grade I couldn't get her off my mind. I thought she moved on, and forgot about me. So I decided to forget about her.”

Natalie: “but I never did forget about him, until 10th grade. And that's when I had my first boyfriend since Ryan.”

Ryan: “and I had my first girlfriend in 11th grade since Natalie. Then I broke up with her because of my parents.”

Natalie: “And I broke up with my boyfriend because of when I moved to Los Angeles from Toronto. Then that's when I met Andrea and Melanne in 11th grade. Then in 12th I moved to a different part of California.”

Ryan: “At the end of 12th grade, Chaz and I came down here because of justin.”

Natalie: “and at the end high school when I graduated, I moved back to LA, and met Andrea and Melanne again. So that's when they started talking to me about justin and Chaz, and then they brought up Ryan. His name sounded familiar to me at the time, but I couldn't remember.”

Ryan: and when you girls brought Natalie, I thought she looked familiar. But I wasn't exactly sure, because she had changed since 7th grade.”

Natalie: “and when we started talking about each, we all of a sudden realized, we've know each other forever.”

Ryan: “And then the other night, we missed each other so much, and wanted to show each other how much we love one another, and we..... You get the picture.”

Natalie: “we wanted to tell you before, but we never could.”


Everyone was quite, including me.


I wouldn’t expect this to come from Ryan, more like Chaz.


(Melanne's POV)


Now what the hell did they just say?  I couldn't get this through my head. And she never brought it up the whole time.


Me: “nat, why didn't you tell us this before.”

Natalie: “I figured you guys would be upset that I didn't tell to you sooner.”

Me: “girl, you can tell us anything.... Anytime!”

Natalie: “I know that now.”

Mel: “wait. So you're pregnant?!”

Natalie: “uhhh. Yes.” *gulps*

Melanne: “oh lord.”


(Andreas POV)


Well, I just found out my boyfriends best friend has known my best friend ever since they were little, and now my best friend is pregnant.


Me: “so what are you going to do?”

Natalie: “well, neither Ryan or I believe in abortions.... So I think it's best we keep it....”



/////// hey! Sorry this chapters short. I decided to stop it right here so it'll be a surprise!:) but I hoped you liked it!!!


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