Love at first sight

When a new kid named Justin comes to Andrea's school, what will happen? Will they become friends? Or will the be more than that?


18. Vacation...


(Andrea's POV)

*1 month later*



It's been a whole month since the Natalie and Ryan incident.

I haven't talked to Natalie since. I tried calling her but she never answered, I figured she needed time.


Justin and I were currently in our hot tub (in bathing suits) and just relaxing while watching tv.

I had my eyes closed relaxing in the hot water while justin massaged my feet.


Justin: "Babe."

Me: "Yeah.


Still keeping my eyes shut.


Justin: "I'm taking you out somewhere tomorrow night.

Me: "Where?"

Justin: "It's a surprise."


I had my eyes open now facing Justin.


Me: "Ugh! Justin, you know I don't like surprises."

Justin: "But you'll like this one."


He smirked at me.


Me: "Fine."


I smiled and stood up from the hot water.

I could feel the breeze in the room and quickly grabbed the towel on the stool and wrapped it around me.


Justin: "You leaving me already?"


He whined.

I stuck my tongue out at him like a little kid. He made the puppy face in return.


Me: "Sorry Bieber, you're on your own."

Justin: "Awww."

I grabbed another towel (because the other one was damp) and walked out to our room.

I walked over to my dresser and grabbed me under garments and changed into them.

I wrapped the towel around me again and walked over to my closet.

I grabbed some black leggings and a flowy mint green sweater.

I changed into that and walked back into the bathroom.


Justin: "So you decided to- awww. Your dressed."

Me: "What was I suppose to be, naked?"

Justin: "Well i'd like that...."


He smirked.

I put my hands on my waist and rolled my eyes.


Justin: "But I wanted you to come back in."

Me: "Well I'm sorry, I'm done for the day, I'm actually really tired, I think I'm gonna take a nap."

Justin: "Hold on lemme get out, imma take a nap with you too baby."


I nodded and walked out closing the door behind me.

I was too tired to wait up for him, before I knew it my eyes were fluttering shut.


(Justin's POV)


I had gotten out of the hot tub and got into some basketball shorts and went shirtless.

I saw Andrea laying on our bead peacefully sleeping.

I laid down next to her and pulled the covers over us.

I wrapped my arms around her face and kissed her forehead before I fell asleep.

I hope she likes the surprise tomorrow.




(Andrea's POV)

*next day*



Today Melanne and I are going to the mall to go shopping, and also get some talking in ‘cause we haven't talked since last week.




I jumped out of bed and took a shower.

I walked over to my closet and picked out my clothes.

I walked back to my bathroom and changed into what I had picked out, which was a black crop top and white high waisted skinny jeans.

I applied my eyeliner and mascara.

My hair had dried already so I straightened it.

I threw on a purple beanie and walked back over to my closet to get my converse.

I walked downstairs to see Justin shirtless making breakfast.


Me: "Whatcha makin?"

Justin: "Oh, just some pancakes."

Me: "Mmmmm. I love pancakes!"

Justin: "I know you do, that's why I'm making them."


He smiled and I smiled back.




Justin and I ate our breakfast.

We were both watching tv when someone knocked on the door, well it's not someone, it's Melanne.


Me: "Come in!"


Quickly after, the doorknob turned and she walked in.


Melanne: "Ready?"

Me: "Yep."


I said standing up.

I kissed justin on the lips.


Justin: "Love you, have fun!"

Me: "Love you too, we will!"


We headed out the door and got into Melanne's car and drove off down the road.


(Justin's POV)


I had called Melanne last night while Andrea was sleeping to plan today for them to go shopping while I pack some of mine and Andrea's clothes and things.

Yes, I'm taking her on vacation.

That's the surprise.

So that's why I had Melanne take her out of the house today.

I hope she'll like this surprise, Paris.


(Andrea's POV)



Melanne and I already shopped at Forever 21, Bath and Body works, American Eagle, Debs, and so much more.


We decided to go drop our bags off out in the car and then come back in so we can go to Victoria's Secret.

As we were in the store, Melanne told me to go look at the bikinis for some reason.


Me: "Why would I need a new bikini?"

Melanne: "Because.... Maybe you want a new bikini to go swimming in... I don't know."

Me: "But I have tons-"

Melanne: "Look, there having a sale on bikinis!" *points to sign*

Me: "Oh! That's why, I can never have too many!”


I smiled.


Mel and I walked towards the bikini section and since it was buy two get one free; I picked out two and Melanne got one for herself.

One of the bikinis was purple strapless with sparkly words on the butt saying 'PINK' and the other one was white with blue dots.


We paid for our things and left.

We walked back out to the car and Melanne started to ignition.

But after she did she looked back at her phone and started texting someone.


Me: "Who ya texting?"


She looked up and me and shook her head.


Melanne: "Oh just Chaz… talking about him being hungry again.."

Me: “Oh sounds like him.”


(Melanne's POV)


Justin texted me saying to keep her a little longer because he was still getting things arranged, so I'm gonna take her to Starbucks.


Earlier I had told her to get a new bikini because while their in Paris, there going to be going to lots of beaches.


Me: "I'm craving Starbucks, what about you?"

Andrea: "Mmmmm yes, I could go for that."


I nodded and smiled.


After lots of talking, we arrived at Starbucks.




It was around 4:30 and I was driving her home.

'Just Hold on, We're Going Home’ by Drake blasted through the speakers while we sang along.




We arrived at their house.


(Andrea's POV)


I walked into the house and there was suitcases all over the floor.

What's going on?


Me: "Justin?!"


As I said that I turned my attention towards the satires as Justin came trotting down them.


Justin: "Yeah babe?"

Me: "Why is there suitcase everywhere?"


Justin just look at the ground and smirked.

He then looked up and made eye contact.


Justin: "This is the surprise."

Me: "Suitcases?"

Justin: "No, we're going on a vacation!"


I smiled and he wrapped his arms around me.


Me: "Where to?"

Justin: "It's a surprise...."

Me: "Haven't we had enough surprises?"


He shook his head and smiled.


Melanne: "Well I better get you guys to the airport."

Me: "Airport?"

Justin: "Yeah, it's too far for us to drive."


I nodded.

We all helped take our bags out to the car.




We had just arrived and were getting our bags out of the trunk.


Melanne: "Bye Andrea, I'll see you when you get back. And have fun!"

Me: "I will."


We both smiled.


Melanne: "But don't have too much fun!"


She looked back at Justin.


Justin: "Yeah yeah, ok... MOM!"

Melanne: "Well if her mom isn't here, someone has to be."


I rolled my eyes.


Me: "Bye Mel!"


Justin and I waved to her as we got closer inside and farther from Mel.

I could see her waving in the distance.




(Justin's POV)



"Flight to Paris, your plain is now boarding."


We heard a voice from the speakers.


Me: "That's us babe."


Right when I said that her face lit up.


Andrea: "We- we're going to Paris!?"


I nodded.

She squealed.


Me: "Alright let's get our bags and get on the plain."




(Andrea's POV)


Justin and I were in first class and I got the window seat.

Justin: "So Andrea, are you excited to go to Paris?"

Me: "YES!"


He smiled and leaned in and kissed me on the lips.


Justin: "I love you."


He said only centimeters away from my lips.


Me: "I love you too."


He leaned back in and we both smiled in the kiss.




"Fasten your seat belts, we will be landing in 10 minutes."


Justin and I both clicked our seat belts in and locked out hands together.




As we got off the plain and got our luggage, we walked over to a taxi and got in.


Man: "Where to?"


Justin told the man the directions and we took off.


The city was so beautiful, every direction I looked there was something different to look at.


After about an hour of driving but only felt like minutes, we arrived at wherever we were.

Justin payed the taxi driver and we got our things out of the trunk.

When I saw the view of this place.... It was breathtaking.


Me: "Justin; this is so beautiful!"

Justin: "You like? Me and my family own this house, we'd stay in it when we'd come visit here."

Me: "It's so amazing."

Justin: "If you think the outside looks amazing, wait till you see the inside."


Justin and I walked to the door. He put his key in as unlocked it.

Just like that the door swung open and I could see the beautiful view of the lower half of the house.


Me: "Wow!"


I put my stuff down and ran towards the big window in the living room.

I gasped.

It was a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower.


Justin: "C'mon, let me show you the rest of the house."

He grabbed my hand and led me the way.

//////So here's the chapter!
I hope you liked it:)

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