Love at first sight

When a new kid named Justin comes to Andrea's school, what will happen? Will they become friends? Or will the be more than that?


2. New Kid... Part 2

(Andrea's POV)

 Melanne:”Ohhh. You're damn lucky girl... “ 


I looked over at her and smiled. He then sat down.


Justin: “ Uhmmm, hi. My names Justin. What's yours?”


Ugh. Andrea. He's talking to you! Answer him!!


Me: “Uhh. My names. An- Andrea. Sorry I got off track.”


(Justin's POV)

Me: “that's a pretty name.”


She started blushing... I have to admit, she looked pretty cute when she blushed.

When the teacher assigned me to sit next to her. I just felt like the luckiest man. I know what you're thinking. I just met her. But I feel like... Like... I have some sort of feelings towards her...


Andrea: “thanks.”

Me: “anytime beautiful.”


Shit. I shouldn't have said that. It just slipped out. What if she has a boyfriend? Who am I kidding. Who wouldn’t date her, She’s beyond gorgeous. I’m so stupid!


Me: “I'm sorry. You probably have a boyfriend. He'll probably get mad at me…”

Andrea: “You're fine. I don't have a boyfriend... “

Me: “oh. Sorry. Umm. We should probably pay attention now…”


I liked talking to her but I had nothing else to say.


Andrea: “Yeaaaa.”


She said that as she turned and faced the front.


*end of class*


I just walked out of class and looked at my schedule. Math. Well I don't know where that's at. I see Andrea... Maybe I should... Bump into her or. No... Before I knew it she was coming my way...

Andrea: “hey.”

Me: “oh hey”


I said with a smile spread across my face.


Andrea: “you looked kinda lost..”

Me: “Well I am. Do you happen to know where the math room is?”

Andrea: “I was just heading there, that's my next class.”

Me: “oh. Great.”

I started smiling like a dork.


Andrea: “can I look at your schedule to see what classes we have together?”

Me: “yea, sure.”


I handed it to her.

She stared at it for a lil while.

Andrea: “hmm. That's funny.


She handed back to me.


Me: “what is?”

Andrea: “we have every single class together.”

Me: “well. I guess I'll be hanging out with you then???”


I said with a kinda question mark face.


Andrea: “yea.”


We both smiled and walked to our next class.


*end of day*


It was the end of the day and today has been an amazing day. I really, really like Andrea. except she might not like me.

I decided to catch up with Andrea and ask for her number.


Me: “hey Andrea!”

Andrea: “yea?”


She turned around and headed my way. We both started walking half way towards each other.


Me: “I forgot to ask. Umm. Can I have your number?”

Andrea: “Oh yeah sure. Can I see your phone?”


I pulled out my phone and gave it to her.


Me: “Now can I see your phone?”


She gave me her phone.

I put in my number and saved my contact as 'Justy'

She handed back my phone and I handed back mine.

I right away opened her contact she saved as 'Andwea' and clicked on it and sended her a message saying 'hey cute;)'


She looked at her phone and smiled.

Andrea: “well I have to head home. I'll see you tomorrow?”

Me: “yea. See ya tomorrow.”

Andrea: ‘ok. Bye.’


She turned her back and waved. I waved back.


(Andrea's POV)


I walked over to my car after Justin and I exchanged numbers and said bye. He was so hot. I mean; I finally like someone. But he probably didn't like me.

I opened the car door and Melanne was waiting there.


Melanne: “UGHHH! Finally you came back!”

Me: “I was exchanging numbers with Justin.”

Melanne: “ohh. I see.”


She looked at me with her eyes which meant  'you like him'


Me: “I do not like him!”


I thought; Lie. I do to like him.


Melanne: “Mmhmm. Whatever.”

Me: “do not!”

Melanne: “do too!”

Me: “fine. I do. But he probably doesn't like me back anyway. So shhh!”

Melanne: “ok ok. I got it.”


We drove to my house and went in my room to do homework.

Melanne: “Sooooo.”

Me: “ so what?”

Melanne: “you should text him.”

Me: “Melanne. He's probably doing homework like us... And no. I'll wait for him to text me.”


It's like he could hear me. Cause right then I got a text from him.


To: Andwea

From: Justy

Heyyy Beautiful;)


Melanne: “who was that?

Was that Justin! What did he say!?”


Me: “he said hey beautiful, winky face.

Melanne: “OoOoOoOoOo!!! HE LIKES YOU!!!”

Me: “he does not!”

Melanne: “Then why did he call you beautiful!?”

Me: “cuz....”

Melanne: “cuz why?”



She raised her hands in surrender.

Melanne: “ok ok. Text him back.”

Me: “ok.”

I texted him back.

To: Justy

From: Andwea


Melanne: “I think he's hot.”


Melanne: “what I do.”

Me: “well he's mine!”


Just then Anthony walked through my door.


Anthony: “did I just hear you say 'he's mine'?”

Me: “ummmm”

Anthony: “do you have a boyfriend, Andrea?”

Andrea: “no. Just some new guy at our school that I like and Melanne likes too.. But I want him. But I don't think he likes me.”

Anthony: “why do you say that?”

Me: “I don't know. He just might not be into me.”

Melanne: “but he calls you beautiful! And earlier when he was behind you and I looked back... You could tell he was looking at your butt, Andrea.”


I started smiling a little.


Anthony: “no one better be checking out my little sister!”

Me: “Anthony! It's fine. He's really nice. He has two half siblings. Both younger. The brother Jaxon and a sister Jazmyn. Jaxon is the youngest. And he lives with his mom, Pattie. And he loves video games…”

I said the last part in a kind of singing tone.


Anthony: “oh. I want to meet this guy.”

Me: “I can ask if he wants to come over tomorrow?”

Anthony: “yea. Sure.”

I looked at my phone and realized he texted back already

To: Andwea

From: Justy

Watcha doin? Well probably homework. Am I right?

I replied

To: Justy

From: Andwea

Yea... Boring right? My brother Anthony was wondering if he could meet you tomorrow? I mean I know we just met today so if you don't want to that's fine.


Anthony: “did he answer?”

Me: “n-no! I just texted him!”

Anthony: “sorry. Jeez cranky!”

Me: “I am not cranky....”

Anthony: “yea. Whatever.”


He rolled his eyes at me.


Justin texted back.

To: Andwea

From: Justy

Sure! I would love to!


To: Justy

From: Andwea

Great! I'll tell him.


To: Andwea

From: Justy

Ok. Great.


Me: “Anthony. He said he'll come over tomorrow.”

Anthony: “great. Can't wait to meet him.”

I sure hope they become friends so I can see justin a lot!



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