Kidnapped by my brothers best friends

Kayla Tomlinson, 16, is just an average girl living with her mom and 18 year old brother Louis Tomlinson. Louis has a best friend named Harry Styles, 18. Harry likes Kayla, but Louis gets into a fight with Harry and they are no longer friends. And when Louis goes away for a couple of weeks Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn kidnap her. What will happen?


6. Chapter 6

Kayla's POV:

I woke up in a small room tied to a bed still wearing my sports bra and shorts I was running in. Then I remembered what happened. Me being kidnapped. I got scared and got up and ran to the door and what bad kidnappers these people were it was unlocked! I tiptoed out into the hallway and past a closed door where I heard people talking. I recognized those voices. Then it hit me, I was kidnapped by Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn!!!
I saw the front door and started sprinting for it. Just as I reached the door the boys came out and ran towards me. I tried opening  the door but it was locked.
"Where do you think you're going?" A husky British accent asked
"Umm... Nowhere?" I whispered and turned around slowly to face them. 
"Smart girl." Another voice said 
"What do you want with me? Why did you fucking kidnap me?!" I screamed at them.
"Watch your mouth young lady!" Liam yelled at me
"Fine then mom." I sassed. Just then Harry picked me up and walked back towards the room I was in. 
"Put me down!" I screamed at him but he just kept walking.
"Good luck with that one Harry!" Said Zayn as him Liam, and Niall went back into the room that they were in. 
As we reached the room I woke up in, Harry shut and locked the door. Then her threw me on the bed and crawled on top of me. 
"Get off of me!" I yelled then he slammed his lips onto mine and shoved his tongue into my mouth then he started taking my clothes off. Before I knew it I had been raped by Harry Styles.

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