Kidnapped by my brothers best friends

Kayla Tomlinson, 16, is just an average girl living with her mom and 18 year old brother Louis Tomlinson. Louis has a best friend named Harry Styles, 18. Harry likes Kayla, but Louis gets into a fight with Harry and they are no longer friends. And when Louis goes away for a couple of weeks Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn kidnap her. What will happen?


4. Chapter 4

Harry's POV:

"I-I feel really..." Kayla said as her voice trailed off and her body started to fall forwards. Luckily I was right in front of her and caught her from falling. What just happened?
"Umm...Lou what just happened? What's wrong with Kay!?" I asked sounding frantic.
"I don't know! Maybe we should call 9-1-1 for help?" He replied sounding the same as me.
"How about I just get my mom really fast, she's a nurse?!" I answered fast
"No I will, you have to hold Kayla." And with that he ran out of his house and over to mine to get my mom Anne for help.
"I'm back, Anne is right behind me!" Louis ran into the house yelling as he directed my mom over to me where I held Kayla unconscious. 
"Oh my goodness! What happened?"
Asked my mom
"We were running around out front and she tripped and smashed her knee in the ground, got all cut up, and when we were done stopping the blood on her body, she just passed out and fell forwards. If Harry wasn't there when she fell, she would've fallen off the counter." Replied Louis.
"Okay, get a cup of cold water." Anne said
"Okay, got it. Now what?"Louis asked while I was still holding an unconscious kayla.
"Pour it on her forehead... A little bit at a time." Instructed Anne
"Okay?" With that Lou started lightly pouring the water on Kayla like Anne had told him to do.

Kayla's POV:

I felt something cold on my face and then I suddenly woke up, but feeling very weak.
"What just happened?" I asked.
"Oh thank god!" Louis exclaimed under his breath looking at me.
"After we got all the blood off of you, you just fainted." Harry said while he was holding me. I pushed him away and gestured to Louis to come carry me up to my room. 
"Why does Harry keep touching me? It's making me uncomfortable." I asked Lou when we were where Harry couldn't hear us.
"I don't know, but I thought you were best friends with him. So, why do you keep pushing him away?" Louis asked me.
"Something's up with him and I know that you know what it is... Spill." I commanded.
"Well...erm...Harry kinda sorta has a little bit of feelings for you." He said.
"WHAT! He can't have feelings for me. I'm his best friends sister! I don't even like him like that one bit either!" I whisper screamed towards Louis.
"Yeah, I was surprised myself too." 
"It's getting late. I want to go to bed. Thanks for helping me though. Oh and don't tell him that I said I didn't have any feelings for him please." I asked Louis.
"No problem, that's what brothers are for." He looked at me and smiled.
And then Louis left me alone to drown in my thoughts. That night I fell asleep with Harry on my mind wishing it was a dream.

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