Kidnapped by my brothers best friends

Kayla Tomlinson, 16, is just an average girl living with her mom and 18 year old brother Louis Tomlinson. Louis has a best friend named Harry Styles, 18. Harry likes Kayla, but Louis gets into a fight with Harry and they are no longer friends. And when Louis goes away for a couple of weeks Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn kidnap her. What will happen?


3. Chapter 3

Louis's POV:

"Looks like Kayla is out on the beach" I said to Harry while looking out the window.
"I have a hilarious idea" replied Harry
"And what would that be Mr. Genius?"
"Since she is facing away from us and tanning, we should take squirt guns of cold water and go attack her!"
"HURRY! Get our weapons and we shall activate operation Attack Kayla!"
Then we rushed out of my room with the squirt guns downstairs to fill them with cold water. Once they were filled, we went out the front door so she couldn't hear us or see us. We walked around back to the stairs down to the beach near Kayla. 

Kayla's POV: 

I wonder what they are talking about? Oh well! It's so relaxing out here. I love living on a beach where you can just lay in the sun or go swim... What the hell?
I was rudely taken out of my thoughts at the feeling of something ice cold hitting my back. I turned around to see none other than Harry and Louis with squirt guns racing towards me. 
"OH MY GOD!! That's so cold stop it!!" I yelled back towards them while running away. But it wasn't very convincing considering I was laughing. Once I hit the street in the front yard I took off with the boys about ten feet behind me. As I was sprinting as fast as I could down the street and into the front yards of my neighbors houses I tripped on a rock that was in the middle of the street. I fell and skidded across the cement and cut my body up really bad since I was in a bikini from tanning on the sand. I looked down at my stomach, legs, and arms only to see that I was covered in road rash and bleeding in a lot of places. I had crashed my knees into the cement to catch my fall at least a little bit, but all that did was hurt extremely bad. I screamed out in pain and the boys had sprinted over to me and had worried looks on their faces. 

Harry's POV:

"Oh my god! Kayla are you okay?!?" I asked while trying to help her up.
"I-I  j-jammed my knee in-into the cement. It hurts s-so bad H-Harry!" She cried out. 
"I know come on i'll carry you back to the house" 
"It's fine Haz i'll get take her back to the house." Louis said to me
"It's fine Lou I got her." I said back
"I-I want L-Lou to take me" Kayla managed to say while crying.

Kayla's POV: 

"It's fine Lou I got her." Said Harry while he tried picking me up like a baby.
"I-I want L-Lou to carry me" I said while I cried. I was in so much pain.
I don't know what's been up with Harry lately, but I do know that I don't want him touching me until I find out. 
"Well okay then." Harry said sounding offended and handed me to Louis. I was so small compared to Harry and Louis. They were both muscular and tall. I was average height and skinny. 
"Oh my gosh, you're bleeding a lot too... Come on lets get you inside." Louis said and started walking back to our house while I cried into his chest.
Once we got inside Louis set me on the counter so they could dab the blood off of my body. It took about ten minutes to get all the cuts to stop bleeding. I can NOT stand the sight of blood and I started feeling very dizzy. I had hit my head hard when I fell.
"Lou?" I asked very faintly.
"Yeah? What's wrong?" He replied
"I-I feel really..." And then everything went black and I felt my body start to fall.

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