Ever Ever After

Callie Callahan is your average teen. Except she gets bullied by the five biggest popstars on the planet. Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. They've made Callie's life a living hell ever since freshman year. Now, in 11th grade, they're still making fun of her and making her cry. When Niall asks Callie to prom, what happens?


1. First Day

"Callie!!" My mother yelled from downstairs, waking me up. "Time for school!" I groaned and got out of my warm bed. It was August 28th. I wasn't happy about going to school before September. I walked down into the living room, where my brother was sitting on the couch. He was so annoying. "Ready for your first day of Junior year?" my mom asked. I groaned, still half asleep. I went into the laundry room where my mom had washed my uniform. I quickly put it on and did my hair. I slung my new schoolbag over my shoulder and waited for my mom outside. Since my brother and I go to the same high school, we both have to get up at the same time. We all got into the car and my mom drove us to school. I got out of the car and shut the door. We all had to go into the lunch room before class started.

I walked into the lunch room with my brother and I immediately spotted my best friend Angie. She was talking to a teacher. I walked over and smiled at her. The teacher walked away and Angie hugged me. "Ready to start a year of hell?" She asked. I nodded. "Oh yeah." I said sarcastically. We laughed together and everyone was allowed to leave for our homerooms. I walked into my homeroom with Angie and I spotted my two bullies, Liam Payne and Niall Horan, sitting in the back. Angie went to her locker and I sat down in the front. The teacher wasn't anywhere to be found, so Niall took the opportunity to pick on me. He walked in front of my desk, and slammed his hands on it, making me jump. "Look at the little baby. She grew her hair out. Looks pretty." Niall said in a mocking tone. 

I blushed a little bit and kept my eyes on the desk. Liam walked up behind me and yanked my ponytail, so that I was looking up at Niall. I drew in a sharp breath and tears of pain filled my eyes. "Awww...is da widdle baby cwying?" Niall asked in a baby voice. Liam let go of my hair and I relaxed. I was allowed to go to my locker, and with my luck, Niall and Liam went with me. I saw Angie at her bottom locker near mine. I smiled and opened my locker. I heard whispering between Liam and Niall, but I didn't really hear anything because I was talking to Angie about how her summer went. Niall walked up to me, slapped my butt, and walked away. I heard Liam laughing and Niall was too. I was so ashamed to have a crush on Niall. He treated me like crap, but I still liked him. 

Angie and I went back to homeroom and sat in the back. I wasn't too fond of sitting in the back. I liked sitting in the front where the teacher could see me. She was in the hall, so that didn't help me that much. Niall and Liam walked back into the classroom and noticed we were in the back. "What do you think you're doing?" Liam asked. I went to get up, but Angie pulled me down. "Sitting." She said smiling. Liam rolled his eyes and Niall scoffed. "Well, you better get up before we make you." Niall said. I went to get up again, but Angie pulled me down again. "Angie, stop. They're gonna get mad." I whispered. "Damn right we will!" Niall said. I was almost in tears that I was so scared. Angie was really protective of me, which was awesome. She told me that she would kill anyone that laid a hand on me. There was just one problem, she couldn't hit a boy because they would hit her back and she would get hurt. 

"Liam, make them get up." Niall said smirking. Liam grabbed us and basically lifted us up, and threw us. I fell onto the ground and Angie just lost her balance, she didn't fall. She helped me up and we walked to the front of the room. We heard Niall and Liam talking about us, but we didn't listen. I was too busy planning my escape out of the school. Angie noticed me about to cry and she looked at me. "Cal, its gonna be okay." She said smiling. I nodded. "Okay." I said. I knew she would be there for me. She always has been. Ever since 9th grade when she came to this school. We were allowed to go to our classes and Niall was in every single one of mine. Angie was in them too. We walked to our first class, which was math. We went through that fairly quick without any problems. The next class was reading. I was assigned a project with Niall. 

We had to read a short story and then write another chapter. "You do the work." Niall said. "Why me?" I asked. "Why can't you help?" Niall laughed a little. "You're a good writer." He said. I blushed. I sighed and got to work. Niall watched me write and he seemed a little fascinated about how well I wrote. "Niall, can I ask you something?" I asked. Niall nodded. "Why do you pick on me?" I asked. "I did nothing to you. I don't think I deserve it." Niall sighed and his cheeks turned pink. "I knew you were gonna ask that one day..." he muttered. I looked at him. "Its because I like you okay?!" He said forcefully. "I've liked you ever since freshman year!!"

***How was that? I don't know how long this story is gonna be, but I promise it'll be good! Thank you for reading it!!<3***

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