The bet

Harry Styles and Niall Horan make a bet on who can date the most girls in a week. When Harry starts dating a girl named Sarah brooks he wants to end the bet. When Harry tells Niall that they need to end the bet Sarah hears that she was just part of a bet. What will happen to Harry and Sarah? Will Sarah leave Harry for good?


1. Party

Harry's POV-

    I was at a party with the guys. It was a great way to start the bet me and Niall made this morning. Eleanor came over with the most beautiful girl in the world her sparkling blue eyes were the prettiest and her long curly brown hair was perfect! You can say she's an angel from heaven.

    "Guys this is Sarah she's a friend of mine" Eleanor said "hi guys" Sarah said in her angelic voice. We all said hi and introduced our selves to her. Louis and El went to dance Zayn and Liam went to get a drink Niall went to find a girl and so it was just us to standing there.

   I broke the science and said"tell me about yourself" "I'm 19 years old and I'm a model I have a older brother named Austin I'm from England." She said "well you must know lots about me so yeah."I told her.

Sarah's POV- 

   Ive always had a crush on Harry he was the most hottest guy ever his green emerald eyes are the most gorgeous eyes ever. We talked and I told him about my self. The party was over and me and Harry had a great time dancing and having fun." I wanna see you again" he whispered in my ear he gave me his number to call him.


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