High school Love (niall horan fan fic) (not famous)

It's about young love, will it last forever?


3. Movie Night

I get out of bed and get ready...then there's knock ...i walk towards the door and opened it.."heyyyy" the guys yelled "hey" i smiled..i though it was gonna be me and niall..oh well. They were sitting in my living room watching t.v."hey guys do u need anything" i asked politely."nope we're good" niall smiled.oh how i love his smile. i went to where they were sitting and sat on the floor

Niall's P.O.V

She is very beautiful..she didn't wear any make up like other girls..she sat on the floor alone..so i went and sat next to her.."hey" i said trying to start a conversation.."hey" she smiled..oh how i love her smile..."what do u wanna do?" "let's just watch a movie pls?" "sure" i said....so we were watching "Titanic" and i shifted close to hear put my arm around her and she leaned in, she put her head on my chest...yay!! BEST DAY EVER!!


Darcy's P.O.V

aww he's so cute and sweet..he put his arm around me and obviously i leaned and put my head on her chest..BEST DAY EVER!!!

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