Pure-Blood Gryffindor

Jamie-Leigh, or Jamie to her friends, has got a new letter. She usually only gets letters from her dad. She's classes herself as smart and she studies for tests that shes not even sure will happen soon. Her Mother and Father were in Ravenclaw. She will Probably be aswell. Her friend Luna is going up to Hogwarts this year with Jamie. Jamie's a Pure-Blood. She's afraid of things that threaten her family. And she's afraid of the boy...


16. Flying and a rule broken.


Potions and Herbology went fast like a bullet. I wanted lunch and then I wanted to sleep this whole day off.....but of course i never have anything i want. Don't get me wrong im not spoilt! I just get disappointed about things like that...

Once I got to the Great Hall i quickly walked in with my head down..sat far away from Hermione and just sat with George, Fred and Katie Bell. "So Jamie have you ever thought about joining Quiditch? Obviously when your on your second year!" She laughed as she tried to spark a conversation. "Actually yeah! I've always practiced at home and ive always wanted to try out for chaser!" I replied almost at once and Fred tried to stifle a laugh...and failed.

"Oh! Really? Im a chaser too!" Katie answered,"and WHAT is so funny Frederick?!?"

"ha!" I laughed as i heard her use his full name.

"It's just...." Fred started,"Jamie doesn't look like she could BE a Chaser...OW!!!" 

Im guessing someone kicked him and he was gripping his leg. "You only got what you deserved." Katie mumbled and walked off.

"Ive got a flying lesson next boys ill see you later. Once I got to the outside field i saw Draco, Hermione, Harry, Ron, Crabbe and Goyle all arguing. "Oh DO grow up!" I yelled and i saw Draxo smirk,"that means you too Malfoy." I glared. This time Harry and Ron just burst out laughing because Draco actually listened. I ignored them and the lesson went quickly. As soon as I said "Up!" The broom came up and we all mounted the brooms and then Neville ruined the lesson by  losing control, and falling. (I know I sound spoilt but i don't care!) Then Draco picked up his Remembrall as Madam Hooch left and challenged Harry. Harry zoomed about and I went up into the air and i saw him spot it at the same time as me and I zoomed towards it and grabbed it. I saw Harry on the other side of the gap in the tree and Draco in front of it so i through it forward. Draco tried to block it but it zoomed past him and Harry caught it.

"FLY!" I screamed at him as Draco came towards him and I flew between them. 

"HARRY POTTER, JAMIE-LEIGH RAVEN AND DRACO MALFOY!" I heard a scottish woman boom,"COME HERE THIS INTANCE!!" I turned and i saw McGonagall standing on the field.....ohhhh boy.

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