Pure-Blood Gryffindor

Jamie-Leigh, or Jamie to her friends, has got a new letter. She usually only gets letters from her dad. She's classes herself as smart and she studies for tests that shes not even sure will happen soon. Her Mother and Father were in Ravenclaw. She will Probably be aswell. Her friend Luna is going up to Hogwarts this year with Jamie. Jamie's a Pure-Blood. She's afraid of things that threaten her family. And she's afraid of the boy...


23. Decisions.


I know Jamies jelous of Rosh. I know she loves Draco. I know i have to let her go, and i will. To be honest i've started liking Angelina anyways. I never really thought that i loved Jamie as much as i loved Angelina. I DO hope we will atill be friends though. I'm not going to be like those Ex-Boyfriends that take the presents back or say i broke her heart. She can keep the presents in the memory of what has happened. She can keep it all, the memorys, the gifts and her pride.

I'm telling her now in fact. Everything i'm thinking is coming out of my mouth. "Jamie you understand don't you?" I asked her. She nodded and hugged me after the brake up. 

"No matter what though George," she trailed off,"no matter what! I will still love you.." 

"Just not as much as you love Draco.." I finished for her and she nodded and wrapped her arms tighter around me and i returned the grip. Then finally we broke apart to see - Fred, Angelina (Crud!), Draco and Rosh - all standing there. They all had tears in their eyes. Fred mostly, and Jamie ran over to him and squeezed him tight.


I ran to Fred and hugged him tight. "Hey now! I whispered to him," hey! Its ok my ginger friend!" I laughed at my statment and so did he. I placed a picture of me and him, that George took at Hogsmede, "we'll always be friends forever...no matter what ok?" He nodded and pulled away, my ginger friend. At this point its like a going away party because everyone (but Draco) is crying. 

I go to Angelina and stand between her and George. "Treat him right Angie!" I whisper to her as i pull her into a bear hug and she laughs at the name i gave her when I first started Quidditch. 

I look at Rosh and i don't know what to say so i just stand there until she pulls ME into a bear hug. But as she does this she whispers in my ear," I hate you..but I'm glad! I'm sorry me and Draco never fit..." I smiled and pulled away. Then as i was about to turn away from wveryone (I didn't really want to talk to Draco yet) i heard Cat, Harry, Ron and Hermione's voices. "Cat!" I croaked and ran towards her coice and as i saw her run around the corner i raced to her and gave her a bear hug. She whispered things to me and calmed me down as i cried and told her what happened. When i saw Harry as i pulled away from Cat i hugged him and said i was sorry for everything and i wished him well with his Quidditch team," Bye Haz.." I whispered and we pulled away. After i said goodbye to Ronald and Hermione i whispered to them," You two hurry up and become a couple already!" And i smirked as they both turned red. 

With that i walked back to the Slytherin Common room with Cat. Time for a Hot Chocolate Sesh, she told me as we walked back. We got there and as i had forgotton the new password, she whispered it, "Parsletongue." With that we walked in and i curled up on the sofa and we just sat there drinking Hot Chocolate and i wondered to myself, 'Cat's a good friend to have...how can anyone think she's mean?' And with this i drifted off....

just as Draco walked through the door.

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