Pure-Blood Gryffindor

Jamie-Leigh, or Jamie to her friends, has got a new letter. She usually only gets letters from her dad. She's classes herself as smart and she studies for tests that shes not even sure will happen soon. Her Mother and Father were in Ravenclaw. She will Probably be aswell. Her friend Luna is going up to Hogwarts this year with Jamie. Jamie's a Pure-Blood. She's afraid of things that threaten her family. And she's afraid of the boy...


6. Boats and toads.


As me and Jamie walked, following Hagrid down a narrow, steep path, I felt her squeeze my hand in anticipation and i squeezed it back to calm her. I smiled at her aswell but I don't think anyone saw but her because it was dark. Nobody spoke and a deadly silence hung around us. I saw a boy who was whining because he lost his toad...COME ON! Neville LONGBOTTOM! LAME!


"Yeh'll get yer firs' sight o' Hogwarts soon," Hagrid called,"jus' 'round the bend."

There was a loud 'ooooooh' sound that came from the students.

The narrow path opened onto an edge of a Great Lake that was pitch black. Upon a high mountain on the opposite of the lake, its windows sparkling in the moonlight, was a great castle with a lot of towers.

"No more'n four to a boat!" Hagrid called once again, pointing to rows of little boats floating on the surface of the water. Luna, Jamie and Draco climbed in one boat and they were accompanied by an odd boy with sandy coloured hair that they didnt know.

"EVERYONE IN?" Shouted Hagrid once again, who was in a boat of his own, "Right - FORWARD!" 

Then the row of boats moved forwards at once all simultaneously, gliding over the lake. Everyone was quiet once again, staring at the vast castle before them. As they sailed closer and closer to the cliff that held the castle above, the first years started to feel very small.

"HEADS DOWN!" Hagrid boomed, they all did as he said. Once they got to the harbour everyone clambered out onto the rocks. 

"It, you! Is this yours?!?" Asked Hagrid, who was holding up a slimy green road and checking people getting off the boats.

"TREVOR!" Cried Neville, holding out his palms. Then once again they set off, clambering up a passageway in the rock after Hagrids lamp, came out at last to smooth grass exactly in the shadow of the great school. 

Everyone walked up a flight of stairs and came to a huge, wooden door.

And once double checking that Neville had his toad again Hagrid knocked on the large door three exact times.

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