Vampire in the Shadows.

This is for the 24 Hours in the City of Bones competition.


4. Three Years Later

I walked through the streets of London, this time avoiding the streetlights, the complete opposite of what I'd done that fateful night three years ago. I still remembered some key points of my old life, but my memories were mostly dull. This is why I could not mourn the loss of my family or friends from my life – they simply paled in comparison to the vibrancy of my vampire life.


I'd adjusted well, according to Lucas. He'd started out as my mentor, which had then grown into a close friendship. We were the 'good guys', according to him. We monitored the streets of London, keeping a sharp eye out for troublemakers and criminals, warning them off their wrongdoings or ending them – permanently. I didn't relish killing and it was still hard to fight the scent of the blood as it poured from them, but I learnt self-control quickly. As long as I stuck to the shadows and avoided humans, there was peace, and we made London a safer place.


I still wonder about being human. I try to remember what it was like, but it seems like a monotonous existence, and I am glad to no longer be part of it, instead observing humankind from the shadows.

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