The Human Zoo

When 16 year old Tiffany is adopted, she doesn't know that her parents own a false organization of Human Zoos, or places where people are trapped and forced to perform. When she is sent away to a larger Human Zoo, she refuses to perform, and she soon realizes it isn't a choice. Then she meets Lena, her "cell mate". They're forced to dress up everyday and pretend to swim and laugh. But Lena has an idea that might free everyone in the Human Zoo, or kill them


1. The First Human Zoo

I’ve been in this orphanage for ten years, and finally, someone wants to adopt me. I thought it was never going to happen, I mean I’m 16 now, so most people would look me over. It’s not like I blend in though. My aqua blue hair and sparkling blue eyes are enough to make people look at me, its just that I was sort of hoping that a young couple would adopt me. Not two 30 year olds named Diane and Simon with a 18 year old boy named Justin living in their basement. I cant control where I go though. Right now I’m in the car with them, driving home, and Diane is rambling on about a human zoo they run.

“What the heck is a Human Zoo?” I ask, flipping my hair over my shoulder.

“A Human Zoo is where people get into cages and then pretend like they’re special. We have a fake flyer, walker on water, and even someone who can pretend to breathe underwater.” Says Simon.

“That’s cruel.” I say, and stare out the window.

“Well, you’re the main attraction, so you’ll see what it’s like.”

“No way! I am not going to be a human zoo animal!”

1 day later

“I’m a human zoo animal.” I say, while Justin forces me to put of a fake aqua blue mermaid tail. The tank is simple. There’s water in tank-length containers around the edges, and the inside is hollow. So I just sit on the bottom of the tank on the sand, and flip my tail. He pushes me in, and slams the door. I can’t really see out there. I see a few teenagers laughing at me, so I strike at the glass, and they back away. This is awful. The day goes on like that, flipping my tail, laughing, giggling and posing with little kids, then finally everyone leaves, and Justin comes to get me out. Instead, he lifts the tank on a rolling cart, and pushes it outside to a van.

“Justin? What’s going on?” I have time to ask before he slams the back door of the car, with me inside.

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