Confused, Love, Jealousy, Oh My (Sequel to Forgetting Your Name)

*Please read my first book Forgetting Your Name* Olivia is back and more confused then ever. She is becoming jealous of girls the guys are hanging out with and is falling for someone else. Will Liam and her last or will one crumble under pressure.


12. Pranks

We left pretty late and pretty much everybody fell asleep in the car except me and of course Louis because he was driving. "Lou I don't want to go home. I'm still wide awake." He laughed. " I feel ya. How about we play a prank on these lames when we get home?" "Yes! Lets get the supplies now." We drove to the nearest convenience store and Liam woke up. "What are we doing?" He asked and I quickly replied " Me and Lou are going to get some small snacks since we are starving." He chuckled " Alright just no unnecessary items." We nodded our heads and got out of the car. We decided to buy some silly string and goop, but separately we bought some snacks so we didn't seem suspicious. Liam went back to sleep while we were in there so we didn't have to answer to him for taking so long. When we got to the house everyone went up to their rooms and we set up our prank.

*The Next Morning*

Louis and I sat in the dance studio for everyone to wake up. When we heard the screams of the guys we couldn't help, but laugh. We could hear them yelling. "Where the hell are Louis and Olivia!" Harry yelled and we chuckled a little. "Where ever they are I'm going to kill them!" Zayn yelled next and they came running downstairs. "Louis and Olivia where are you?" Liam yelled. Louis whispered to me "You got the camera ready?" I nodded my head and backed up a little to get a good shot then gave Louis the thumbs up. " WE'RE IN THE DANCE STUDIO!!!" Louis screamed. The boys came running in and Louis let the goop fall on top of them and then sprayed them with silly string. I captured the picture and  the looks on their faces were pure anger. Then Louis and I started cracking up and they all stormed off. Just the night before me and Louis straightened Harry's hair, replaced Liam's toothbrush with a spoon, and then we stole all of Zayn's hair supplies knowing they would get mad and chase us down we bought goop and silly string so that when they found us they would be given a messy surprise. I snapped the picture of a pissed off Liam, Zayn, and Harry and a mischievous Louis. I uploaded this to my computer and set it as my background to give me a laugh whenever I'm feeling down.

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