Confused, Love, Jealousy, Oh My (Sequel to Forgetting Your Name)

*Please read my first book Forgetting Your Name* Olivia is back and more confused then ever. She is becoming jealous of girls the guys are hanging out with and is falling for someone else. Will Liam and her last or will one crumble under pressure.


7. Awkward.

I woke up the next day still in Harry's arms and with tear stains on my face. I got out of bed without waking Harry up and went into the bathroom to wash up my face. When I got out of the bathroom Harry was awake. "Good morning sunshine" I said with a smile. He smiled back "Morning. Don't we have an interview today?" "Yeah so get your lazy butt up and get ready." He got up and left to go to his room. I got ready and then headed downstairs to see who else was. Liam, Louis, and Courtney were down here and ready. "Where is Zayn, Louis?" I asked "In his room not getting up." I groaned and marched up to Zayn's room. I walked in just as Zayn was walking out of the bathroom in nothing, but a towel. I screamed and ran out. "I'm so sorry Zayn.'' I said through the door. "LOUIS TOMLINSON I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!" I yelled and then ran downstairs. I ran into the living room and Louis was already gone. "Where is he Courtney?" I asked completely acting like Liam didn't exist. "He's in the photo studio." She gave him away. I ran to the photo studio and there was Louis looking through the pictures like nothing happened. I smacked him upside the head. "Hey!" He said rubbing the back of his head. "That's what you get" I said pulling up the other chair in the studio to sit next to him. He was looking through my family pictures. "I wish I was apart of this." He said. I hugged him. "I wish you were too, but at least I found you and we can create new memories." I grabbed my camera and took a picture with him. "Now lets go." I said grabbing his hand. We ran to the van where everyone was ready to go. I really only talked to Harry in the car. The interview was boring up until the interviewer started talking about a girl that Liam has apparently been getting close to. They pulled p some pictures of her and Liam holding hands and laughing and one even looked like they were about to kiss! I was pissed and hurt. How could he do this again. Liam looked over at me and I just ran away. I was running and someone behind me was screaming my name. I ran into the girl's restroom. "Olivia. Listen to me. That wasn't what it looked like." Liam was saying through the door. "Really! It sure looked like you were cheating on me again!" I yelled. This seemed like a case of deja vu. Ugh. "Olivia I would never cheat on you again you are the best thing to ever happen to me. I wouldn't want to hurt. I was a jerk last night and I'm so sorry." He sounded sincere. "Then what was happening in those pics?" " I can't tell you." I swung the door open and left. The interview was over and the boys were waiting for us. We walked to the car and headed home. This was the most awkward car ride ever. 

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