The boyfriend games <3

This movella is my first so i hope it is worth to finish it.
Ariana is 18 and she got a letter and it said she be in the boyfriend games so will she get to be a girlfriend to one of the sexy boys (one direction)


4. Meeting one direction...!


Ariana's POV

I woke up to screaming girls all coming from their rooms. I  got out of bed wide awake and got changed into high waisted shorts and a coral belly top before putting on light make up on. I walked downstairs and stood in line. "Hello girls , you are going to meet one direction today so the competition starts now!" we screamed as he dismissed us and to get ready, the rest of the girls ran upstairs while I stayed sitting on the couch. I grabbed the remote and started watching Grease ( my favourite movie) until the front door clicked open, I looked at the door and saw one direction walking through to the lounge I sat up and breathed slowly but heavily. They walked through the door not noticing me as I slowly tried sneaking out the half-opened door. I sneaked out successfully and walked upstairs to a calm hallway not, all the girls kept screaming and shouting about one direction. I walked into me and Marlie's room and sat down on my comfy bed. Marlie was getting ready, she was wearing a light blue short dress with a light blue flower in her middle back length hair. Her make up was PER-FECT.


I sat up and waited for my name to be called. My name was called and I stood up and made my way to the lounge area and sat up on the high chair in front of one direction. I kept fangirling in my mind as i looked into Niall's eyes for 20 seconds then looked to my side."Hello!" they chimed before asking me questions about my life I answered them happily. When we were down I went back up back and watched tv.

Nialls's POV

Omg Ariana's soo beautiful and kind, her smile lights up my world like nobody else and her lips are soo irresistible that i want to kiss her all day. I think i am falling for her .I think she is my princess.

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