The boyfriend games <3

This movella is my first so i hope it is worth to finish it.
Ariana is 18 and she got a letter and it said she be in the boyfriend games so will she get to be a girlfriend to one of the sexy boys (one direction)


5. Ever since I saw you I knew I loved you....<3


Ariana's POV

I woke up feeling hungry, I quietly walked downstairs and into the kitchen and found Niall eating a cereal with one hand and with a glass of  orange juice in the other hand. He saw me and opened his mouth to say something."Hi, Ariana I need to talk to you,""Ok,"I replied cheerfully.He lead me through to the garden." Ariana, ever since I layed eyes on you.."He started"I knew i would fall in love with you so if you feel the same, will you be my girlfriend?"He ended"Of course but what about the boyfriend games?"I asked"Well i will ask the boys to pick a girl and get to know her without the boyfriend games!"I nodded and kiss his cheek passionately.He leaned in and kissed my lips carefully."We'll we have to be secret?"I asked"Not for long but if the boys agree you'll be my princess for ever!"He explained as i planted a kiss on his soft lips. 

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