The Darkness

Jaymee is that young girl who just doesn't fit in and is different from those around her. Constantly having to move house because of her mother's job meaning she constantly has to change school and can never settle down, but two things are always the same. Her family (Tyra, her mother and Fletcher, her older brother) and those big, black dogs with red eyes that seem to follow her around and the strange thing is, only Jaymee can see them! When she arrives at Senkards Academy she finds an old friend she knew a while ago, Ashley, who helps her get on her feet around the town of Senkards and the Academy, but the dogs keep getting to her. Always causing disaster and chaos, but never hurting her.


1. Chapter One

I see the dogs, the big black dogs. Their black fur shimmering in the moonlight, eyes of blood keeping their gaze, their bodies still. Not moving. I see them clearly, yet they still seem like ghosts with only me noticing. They watch from the distance like always. Just watching, waiting. Red eyes gazing at me never looking away, never blinking, just there. I don't know why they stay, or why they stare, but they do. Although the dogs are always there, watching and waiting for something I don't know what, I can see them, but no-one else can.

Outside the dark clouds were above with they’re sad and depressing tears falling to the earth. Part of the cold window fogged up as my warm breath attacked. It was always like this when we were moving, the clouds crying and spreading their grief. My room was now bare, nothing but the empty walls, plain door and a window, my window. The window I would look out of into our back garden whilst listening to music and watching the world go by. I was now leaving it, not knowing who would come along and gaze out of it next. I heard footsteps echo through the empty building gradually getting closer, and then they stopped dead, right behind me. A hand rested on my shoulder as if to comfort me and a sympathetic voice rang through the room.
“Jaymee, I know it’s hard moving again, but it won’t take long until you settle in and you will have me still.” The voice was gentle yet strong. I turned around knowing exactly who was there.

His hazel eyes met my copper tinted ones giving me reassurance like they had done many times before. My brother, Fletcher, was always there for me, through the sad times and the happy. Ever since my dad died I remember him being there to protect me, to stop me from crying and to make me smile again. When he says he will be there and everything is going to be okay I believe him and this time is no exception. To answer him I nodded, not breaking eye-contact until he pulled me into his arms the way he does every time and again, he made me smile. Once he let me go we started making our way out of the room for the final time and then to the front door where my mum was standing waiting for us to leave.
“Are you two ready to go then?” she questioned raising one eyebrow. Her eyes were moving between me and Fletcher. “Why are you so happy? Earlier you looked like you were going to burst into tears.” I merely shrugged my shoulders and looked at my brother who was laughing to himself. Moving my fringe out of my face I replied to my mum’s first question. “Yeah we can go now” I said trying not to lose the happiness I still held, but it was slowly slipping.

Once I was in my mum’s black ‘Nissan Navara’, which was full to the brim with boxes, we started to head off with my brother following close behind in his blue ‘Ibiza’. I felt the sadness creep back as we left the street.

When we first moved into the house two and a half years ago the neighbors came over to ‘assess’ us. They kept watching from afar out their window, then they moved into their front garden peering over every now and then until they finally came over. I wanted to say something to them just to let them know we could see them the whole time, but Fletcher stopped me. They spoke with a posh accent, and held their heads high as if looking down on us. The two of them stood there, one of them was an older woman, the other was an older man with glasses and both had white hair and a face full of wrinkles.
“So you are the new neighbors?” the old female said looking from my mother to Fletcher then to me. Her eyes fixed on me as if she were looking into my thoughts, my memories, and my life. It sent shivers down my spine. Her eyes glaring at me reminded me of the blood like ones I had seen many times before, but her deep green eyes looked into my soul.
“Yes, my name is Tyra and this is my son, Fletcher and daughter, Jaymee.” My mother replied in a polite tone, but it had that annoyed ring to it. Clearly she knew the neighbours were the nosey ones as well. The women nodded, but gave me an inquiring look which I would have replied to, but knew better than to try it as Fletcher was keeping an eye on me.
“That’s an odd name to give a girl…” she raised her eyebrow “then again you do look a bit like a young boy!” her voice was smug and I was losing the will to live.

Everybody says the same thing about the boy name, except the cheeky part of looking like one. I admit I am not girly. Jeans and hoodies do me fine, and my short hair I prefer over long. I moved my black fringe out of my eye and replied as cheeky as I could still remembering my mother was there.
“Excuse me, at least I’m not the nosey old hag that likes to poke about and stare into people’s yards, you old…” I was cut short as a strong hand clamped over my mouth. Fletcher shook his head and my mum looked at me in astonishment. I was short tempered when something had been bugging me and not only was it the fact we had to move and leave my old friends to come here, but now I have to live with nosey neighbours peering into my life. My brother grabbed my hand and pulled me into the house - leaving my mother to deal with the embarrassment I caused her - where he stared at me with his hazel eyes. I was waiting on him scolding me. Instead he merely burst out into laughter.

Staring out the window I knew my mum was looking over every now and then to see if I was okay. She knows I always find it hard when we have to move which is a lot. Ever since my dad died when I was nine my mum had to get a good job which now involves travelling as her job location changes every few years. I’m lucky if I get three years out of one house, I have even been in a house for seven months. The radio was on a station which fuzzed the further we went into the countryside, so I sat there keeping myself busy flicking through other stations to find one that worked. I was failing. They fuzzed, clashed or it was a song I couldn’t stand like opera. Finally after what seemed like hours I found a decent channel that played folk music. As Mumford and Sons played in the background my mother huffed.
“So I don’t get a say in what I want to listen to. For all you know I wanted to listen to Celine Dion.” Her wavy brown hair fell into her face slightly as she pouted.
“I do know and that is exactly why I didn’t ask!” I replied in a mother like tone. Silence fell and a second later we were laughing. That was her plan all along she would make me laugh to cheer me up.

After an hour or so we arrived in the next town when the radio station switched to the news warning us about a fire at an old building that recently a dead body was found in. A young man in his twenties was found not too long ago stabbed multiple times by a gang of thugs in an old building. The news reporter then added the place, Kilwinning Street. That’s the street we were going to pass after the traffic lights.

Something caught my eye as we stopped at the lights. It was black and furry. A flash of red and I knew it was one of the dogs again with its blood eyes staring at me as if I were the only person in the world. People walked by and through it, yet it didn't even flinch. It just gazed. Wolfish fangs hung just over its lips dripping with saliva. It’s fur thick and shiny with a long and bushy tail. It stood about the height of a German Shepherd without the low hanging hips and its stance was strong and protective almost. It wasn’t the biggest one I had seen, but it was almost the smallest. Slowly its head dropped almost in a bowing motion or maybe submissive, as its gaze drifted passed me I looked out my mother’s window where there was a larger dog standing just as strong. Its lips curled and his nose became wrinkled. When I looked at the smaller one it was now lying down with his head firmly on the ground. Looking back at the snarling beast I found it was gone. I checked each window from where I could see and found nothing even the submissive dog had vanished. I was snapped from my thoughts as the car jolted forward and took a quick left turn where we came to another stop. Fire engines had blocked the road.
“That’s just great” my mother moaned. That’s when I saw the old house in flames. Everywhere the dogs go there is chaos and everywhere I go the dogs go. There is chaos all around me.

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