Between Two

"They say if you it set it free. If it was meant to be it'll find it's way back to you."
It seemed like a real life love story. But all storys must come to an end.


2. Love At First Sight

They sat on Aurora's bed, watching Walking Dead on Jasmine's laptop. "Now he is sexy." Aurora said, pointing to Daryl. "If a guy we knew talked, looked like,or acted like him, I'd be ALL over him."

Jasmine laughed. "That's what I'm talkin bout!" She said.

"I'm serious." Aurora said, not taking her eyes off the screen.

Jasmine thought for a minute. "What about Bradon?"

Aurora looked at her, disgusted. "What about him?!"

"He's a little like Daryl..........."

"Okay. Just becasue Brandon is a redneck, does not mean he's like Daryl." Aurora said, laughing.

"Whatever. Oh by the way. I signed us up for that hang-out thing at the park."

"Barf. Way to make us look like we have a life. Or better things to do. When do we start?"

"Tomorrow." Jasmine said with a giant smile.


They finally got to the park. "Just go over there and sign in. Then come meet me by the swings." Jasmine said, running off. Aurora walked over to a small white desk where a old heavy man sat. "Please sign in." He said in a tired voice that said he just didn't want to be there. She leaned over to grab the pen and signed her name on the paper that had many other names scibbled on it. She turned around to leave and bumped into someone. "Sorry!" She said looking up. Her heart went bump. She literally fell in love at first sight. He was really tall, had brown hair that reached his ears, and had the cutest baby face.

"It's okay." He said, flashing her a smile. He held out his hand. "I'm Tanner." "Aurora."

"New here?" He asked. She just nodded. He smiled and signed the paper. "How's it goin Bob?" He said to the fat man, not looking at him. "Go away." Bob said back. Tanner laughed then looked back at Aurora. "That's a beautiful name by the way. Now, what are you looking for exactly?"

"Ummm, my friend told me to meet her by the swings." Aurora said. "This way." He said, then started walking. She followed him. She couldn't believe how interested she was in him. He was like a celebrity that she used to like but Tanner was cuter. One thing she knew for sure. She wanted to know him, be his friend, and one day maybe much, much more.

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