When two men are attacked in the dead of night by a figure of nightmares, one of them is bitten. He morphs and changes into a terror, a blood sucking monster. He is a Vampire.


3. The Empty School

The school was empty. There were no teachers in sight; the empty corridors made Jack feel uneasy. It was dark outside and Jack would have to make sure he was careful on his way home. He was jogging when he reached the exit, eager to escape the school. He pushed hard on the door but it wouldn’t open, he started barging into it with his shoulder. The door remained closed. Jack then realised that someone had locked it from the outside! Was it that late that even the site manager had gone home? He decided to try another door.

The other exit that Jack decided to try was at the far end of the school, by the RE department. When he arrived, he found a set of keys dangling in the handle on the outside of the door. He tried even harder to get the door open, but it wouldn’t budge. He looked at the outside handle on the outside of the door… Someone hand was resting on it! He jerked his head up and saw Mr Crimson standing outside, waving at him.

Jack was confused and scared. Was it Mr Crimson who had locked the doors? Was he some sort of stalker? One thing was for certain, Jack wanted to get out! Slowly, he looked back to where the teacher had been standing… he was gone and so were the keys. Quickly, Jack sprinted to the canteen. There was one more exit there!

The canteen was very large; twelve rows of tables were spread across the giant room. On one side of the room there were windows all across the wall, you could see out onto the yard. There was a lot of free space in the canteen with no particular use for it. Most importantly, there was the fire exit. Jack sprinted the full length of the room and charged at the door. Nothing happened.                                              

“PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE LET ME OUT!” he screamed still banging on the door.                 “You’re not going anywhere…” Jack spun around and bumped into Mr Crimson.

There was a horrible moments silence as teacher and pupil stared it each other. The fear flooded over Jack, who was trembling. Here he was standing in the middle of school with a deranged loonatic.                                                                                 

“You are going to be staying right here, with me.” Crimson sneered, Jack could have sworn that his eyes had flashed red.                                                                                          

“Why are you keeping me here? I did the detention, didn’t I?” Jack objected. Crimson let out a spine chilling laugh, he kept his eyes on Jack for a minute before hitting him with such a force, Jack was sent soaring through the air, hitting the far wall of the canteen. The pain stabbed him however he ignored it, staring in shock at his English teacher. Halfway across the room, he smiled and Jack gasped in horror as he saw the two bared fangs. He frantically started to scramble around on the floor, trying to escape but in a flash Mr Crimson was next to him and holding him by the neck. He was struggling to breathe whilst trying to evade his teachers grip. “You are going to help me quench my thirst, boy!” He screamed and bared the fangs again. Jack struggled, helplessly. “Stop trying to escape you idiot! Having you guessed that you’re going to die yet?” Jack was so scared.                                   

“LET ME GO!” he screamed, he knew it would do no good.

Crimson continued, “You are going to be my little snack for my friends and I…” whist he was speaking he nodded at the window. Jack looked and immediately wished he hadn’t. At least a dozen men with fangs and red eyes were standing on the playground, advancing on the canteen. “My dear Jack, don’t you know? I’m a vampire.” Jack wouldn’t listen. Vampires weren’t real. Yet here was, about to become one’s meal. Eventually, He gave up, knowing that he couldn’t escape and that he was going to die. Crimson dropped him on the cold floor.                                                                               

“Please…” Jack whispered, hoping Mr Crimson would show a shred of mercy or humanity. Crimson smiled at him and said,                                                                                             “Jack… I don’t want you to live, I want you to die.” With that, the vampires on the playground smashed the canteen windows and advanced on Jack. A single tear rolled down Jack’s cheek as the vampires surrounded him and started to suck the blood out of his body. Horrifically, they killed Jack and fled the scene afterwards. His body was left in the canteen in a puddle of blood.

Jack Robinson was dead…

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