She's Mine

Rebecca has been kidnapped for three years being rapped and abused. when she finally escapes you wont believe who saves her. One direction. She falls in love with Louis but he doesn't like her back but everyone else falls for her and she beings playing around with feelings.


2. what?

I slowly opened my eyes opened. I looked around and I saw tall green grass. Everything was blurry except for a deer, a little one. We were staring right at each other. Suddenly, I heard a huge boom! And the deer fell. 

"Really! this was my first memory! Now who are you guys?" I said
"Wait you really don't know us?" Someone said with a heavy British accent 
I could tell he was cocky, It irritated me.
"No I REALLY don't" I said rolling my eyes.
"She's feisty. I like that" the one with black hair said with a smirk.
"Now since we got off to a great start, could you guys get me some water", I said.
"Yes of course! We also have some Twinkies ,would you like some?" the Irish blonde boy asked. 
"What are Twinkies?" I say in confusion.
They all gasped in shock.
"You don't know what Twinkies are?" said the Irish boy. 
"mmhm" I said.
"No, no,no I can't be in the same room with someone who doesn't know what Twinkies are", yelled the funny one. He made me chuckle.
"Wait, i haven't quite caught on to your names", I said.
"I'm Niall" the blonde boy said as he handed me a box of Twinkies.
"I'm Harry", said the cocky one. 
"I'm Zayn" said the boy with black hair.
"I'm Liam", said the one that was actually mature.
"I'm guessing you're the oldest?" I said.
"No, Louis is the one outside crying over how you don't knowing about Twinkies", said Liam.
I began taking a bite of the Twinkie while everyone starred at me. 
"This is really good", I said in delight.
"I knew you would like it", said Niall.
We all smiled and ate some Twinkies. It has only been a couple hours since they found me and I already liked them.



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