I never loved you

Harry had a bet, he had to date the class loser Megan. When the bet was over he dumped her hard. After that she changed her looks and uploaded videos of her singing on youtube. When Megan and Harry see each other again will Harry regret his decision, will he get another chance. Read to find out.


6. Awards

Megan's pov

I saw Harry, sadly I had to sit next to him at the awards. I hoped he wouldn't notice me, but Niall would he was the only that knew what I looked like. Niall walked up to me and looked shocked.

"Wow Megan, you look beautiful. What are you doing at a music awards?" he was confused. He honostly didn't know.

"I'm a solo singer now."

"Really?!? You sing, I never knew." he was suprised.

"I kept it a secret for the longest. One day I uploaded a video got a bunch of good reviews did a couple more, got discovered, and here I am. Up against you and your mates and I'm gonna perform tonight." I have to admit Niall was adorable, he always has. I have always had a small crush on him, but was to shy to say something to him.

Niall's pov

God, she was so beautiful. I wanted her, but she was Harry's first. I couldn't steal her but I could try to win her over.

"What are you performing?" I was really curious.

"Tonight I'm dancing with my dance crew."

'You dance too?" This girl was talented. Why had I not seen this before?

"Yea, were dancing to "How low can you go By Luda" and singing one of yalls song. Hope yall enjoy." She had a evil smirk.

"Well good luck"

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