I never loved you

Harry had a bet, he had to date the class loser Megan. When the bet was over he dumped her hard. After that she changed her looks and uploaded videos of her singing on youtube. When Megan and Harry see each other again will Harry regret his decision, will he get another chance. Read to find out.


7. Award show

Megan's pov

It was the last catogary, my catogary. It was the most viewed YouTube video. It was my cover of Kiss you and One Directions One way or Another. I was sure I was gonna win this.

"And the winner is.. it's a tie, can we have both nominees up here please."  I stood up, hoping Harry wouldn't notice me. I walked on stage and stood away from the boy group on stage with me.

"Ok, heres what were going to do. Your both gonna sing a song the one the crowd likes best wins. Got it?" I just nodded. The boys did too. Niall looked at me smiling. I smilied back. He was so sweet. Now was the time to blow him away.

"Who will like to go first?"

"I will" I said. Harry looked up at me to relieaze who is opponet was. His face was shocked.

"Ok. What song will you like for our dj to play?"

"Acutally, if I get a guitar that's all that will be needed please." I was brought a guitar by Niall which was very sweet. I sang the song I sang for my first video "Pieces of Me by Ashlee Simpson".  When I finished singing, the crowd went wild, even the boy group.

"Um I think it's fair to say that Megan won." said Liam and the other boys nodded in agreement.

Harry's pov

I knew Megan sang, she told me when we dated but she would never sing for me. Now that I heard her, I wanted her even more and I could tell Niall did too.

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