The angels mark

This has got to be the worst year for 16 year old Mia, from the fights between her parents to the frequent mysterious departures from her best friend, Gabe. With a heavy heart and a load of determination she sets off to find out the cause of these strange absences but can she handle the reason for everything that happened?


1. The angels mark

Mia walked down the deserted city streets; it was another one of those days where she would wander aimlessly just to get out of the house. Her house was a raging hurricane of nasty fights between her parents, it had escalated so quickly that objects were thrown in bouts of immense anger and screaming matches were held until Mia could intervene with her own. Of course it didn’t help that her favourite and best distraction had abandoned her. Gabe, who had been her best friend since they were both Ten, had done his best to avoid spending time with her and sometimes he didn’t spend any time with her at all. His strange absences were getting longer and his lame excuses were transparent to her eyes. She was fuelled with determination as she set off to find him, she knew that her efforts might be wasted but she had the time to waste and he was nearly always at his garage.

The garage was the place where they had spent most of their time together. Fixing her pink bike or sitting in an old car that was rumoured to be from his foster parent’s time. Any conversation about his birth parents or about his life before he came to this town was unspeakable and Mia respected that. Slight waves of anger and sadness tried to attack her shield of determination these overwhelmed her because she could not forgive him for leaving her in the midst of the storm. As she approached the battered garage she knew something was wrong. The air itself seemed tainted with it all, a weight rested on her lungs and she had to stop and cough for some time to get her breath back. “Gabe,” she shouted as she lifted up the door and went inside, shadows ruled the place and it laid in total darkness. Her feet became wet and she looked down to see that the floor was saturated with water that was contaminated by swirls of red and black feathers that floated on the surface. She shouted again but her words were echoed back and then a masculine shout was heard. It seemed distant but was still able to be heard and Mia recognized it straight away. It belonged to Gabe.

She ran to the back door and though it was locked hurled all of her body weight and slammed her shoulder into the wood until it reluctantly gave way under the impact. She ran and followed the familiar shouts and voices of her best friend. She went around the house, through the back garden, jumped over the fence and through the small patch of forest that seemed to stretch further as she ran. Her lungs strained and yelled for more air but she ran relentlessly, finally she reached the end of the forest where the trees were coming more scarcely and Gabe’s shouts were joined by several other voices. She ran down the hill and saw them. On the rail road tracks were three muscular guys one held Gabe and the other two seemed to be talking to him. Their words were lost by a sudden gust of wind and Mia whispered his name in longing hope that he would be alright. The wind must have travelled her voice because all four heads turned to meet her at the top of the hill. One of two who were just standing there threw out his hand and spoke something under his breath. At the same time that Gabe shouted “Mia, no!” she felt a tug on her body and her feet moved forward, she looked down and pondered why it had moved after all she hadn’t wanted to but then her feet moved again and as she screamed she felt compelled to walk forwards. “Aw, humans are way too slow.” One of them said and the next minute she was flying through the air quick as a bullet and she was in front of them. A hand came out and enveloped her in his strong arms and she faced Gabe who struggled more than ever. His captor held firm and the more he struggled the more she could see, on his back were two large black feathered wings. They were folded in the huge mans chest and trapped from moving in any sought of way and it seemed like the more Gabe struggled the more he suffered. Mia was struck with a wave of terror, the man’s breath stunk and it breathed down her neck, the other man walked in between them and his appearance belonged in some kind of nightmarish reality. Half of his face was burnt but it was black and softly charred at the edges, his hair was an oily black and his eyes matched, they were two pools of a bottomless abyss, Mia tore her eyes away from his and hoped that she and Gabe would make it out alive.

“Now that we have some bait, will you co-operate with us?” he said, the voice that came out of his lips were like an unknown creatures it drawled and was very deep but in a way that he was claiming his prey. Mia didn’t like it. And it seemed that Gabe didn’t either as he struggled more and whimpered but never screamed from the pain that the wings on his back were feeling. “Gabriel, when will you learn? God,” he spat out the name like it burnt him too “Didn’t want you and now you have the offer to be taken back and put in masters services. All you have to do is give us the swords and we’ll be on our way for another decade.” Gabriel said nothing, Mia lay limp in the man’s arms Gabe wasn’t even his name what else had been a lie?

“Just give him what he wants,” Mia blurted and all men looked at her again, the speakers lips curled up into a half grin and he turned to face her. He walked with slow deliberate steps towards her and threw words over his shoulder as he went.

“You should listen to the girl Gabriel maybe we won’t kill her if you give them to us.” He was in front of her now and took her face in his hands. “Do you know what we are?” She shook her head but it was hard to do in his beefy hands, her eyes followed the hands up the muscular arms to his face and she suddenly felt sick to her stomach. “I believe that young Gabriel didn’t tell you,” he sighed “Well, my dear me, Ryder and Bentley here are all demons servants to the devil and Gabriel over there is a fallen angel cast out of heaven for a most non angelic reason.” A laugh rose out of her throat and she regretted it instantly. A hand came up to her and slapped her face which sent her hurling out of the other mans grasp. She hit the floor with a thud and Gabriel cried out. “Maybe that will teach you a lesson.” The demon said and several things happened at once Gabriel broke free with a great yell of pain, the demons rushed out in action and broke daggers and swords out of unknown pockets and Gabriel flashed forward in a blur of speed with a gleaming black sword. Mia watched as the four boys engaged in a battle that she had trouble to see. The things that she could see were the magnificent and well executed back flips, twists and turns that evaded any weapon ruining the skin. A sound burst from behind her and she tipped her head back to reveal the slick model of a train, they had to get off of the tracks before it was on them. The demon with the scar rushed forward and hurled towards her, he grabbed her and lifted her off of the ground a dagger to her throat drawing a thin ribbon of scarlet blood. “With your death all will be well,” he hissed and Mia spotted another dagger just on the ground she willed it to be in her grasp and after much effort it lifted itself off of the floor shakily and flew into her outstretched hand. With a quick flick – that she hoped would save her life – she slashed upwards and caught his neck. He let her go again and thick black blood welled up from the slash, his hand slipped to her upper arm where he hissed in pain. He threw out the other hand and the fight behind him stopped, frozen. Three bodies were suspended in the air and halted in battle stances their eyes surveying the scene. The demon tore down the arm of her jacket to reveal her birth mark, a little pair of wings on her upper arm. “She’s marked!” he shouted, he ran forward and grabbed the black sword that Gabriel had clasped in a strong grip. He unfroze his minions and they ran up the track and disappeared. The roar of the train came closer with each moment that passed, Mia couldn’t move in fear and Gabriel was still frozen by the means of the demon. The train was inches away from Mia, when Gabriel swung into action and lifted her up and ran to the other hill, just as he ran from the track the train whirled past them. Gabriel looked at the train and the three demons stood there looking at him, “The wounds of betrayal will forevermore lay fresh!” Bane shouted. Gabriel only knew that he was right.

Mia was held to his chest when she felt them moving up the hill and the creak of the ancient gates that led on to the church and cemetery. They were on holy ground and they would be safe from the demons for now.

“What are you doing?” Mia shrieked and rolled out of his hold, “You have lied to me this whole time, you’re a fallen angel, and there are demons and what about me being marked.” His face fell and then a groan escaped his lips. His head looked out of the gates and Mia saw them, a pair of torn up battered black wings lay on the tracks, they had been ripped from his back when he had escaped the demons arms and his back bled then healed over in scars that would always be there. Gabriel fell onto the grass and looked up at Mia,

“A long time ago when Lucifer fell, he marked several humans with the mark of two wings in the hope that when they came of age that angelic powers would be bestowed on them. These marked humans would be in his power until they died, if they had a pure soul they would ascend to heaven if not they would remain in his power.” He said and put his head in his hands “The demons took one of the swords; these swords are a part of the ritual to call all of the marked. The need the other sword, the scales and the white skull to be able to complete the ritual,”

“What are you saying?” Mia asked,

“Don’t you see Lucifer will stop at nothing until he has you and then you’ll stay in his power for eternity, I’ll have to join them to get you back and that will possibly cost me my life.”

“What if I don’t want you to save me?” Mia whispered yet the fallen angel heard. He screamed and yelled and turned away from her “if you don’t want me to save you nobody will, so have fun rotting in hell Mia.” He walked away and melted into the burning sky. The heavens then opened up and the rain soothed her. The angels who cried for them knew that the angels mark was both a blessing and a curse.

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