Wings on the Horizon

Fourteen year old Jeremy lives in a bustling English city, dreaming of escape. He doesn’t enjoy seeing the drab grey skyscrapers and hearing noisy neighbours argue every day, he would rather live out in the country under an open sky. One day while out walking he spots something in the sky line that doesn’t belong there, something almost as big as an aeroplane and rather more dangerous.
This is Jeremy’s story, a story of friendship, trust and believing in yourself, even when no one else does.


2. Falling Feathers

I got up early again this morning, I couldn’t sleep very well at all, and I kept having nightmares about falling from an impossible height. At the start I would be flying so close to the stars they looked like huge multi-coloured golf balls then all of a sudden I would plummet downwards, travelling so fast everything was a blur and the colours ran into each other whilst very far down below I could see the lights of the city with its many jagged tower block arms rushing up to greet me in a deadly embrace. I got so close to them I was sure I’d die when a strange tightness gripped me round the middle and I woke up tangled in my blankets.

I sat at our small kitchen table just starring into my breakfast cereal for what felt like an eternity before I heard my mother getting up and walking this way. "You're up early, Jeremy dear.” She said as she took her seat after starting the kettle. “You look troubled...did you and Dale fall out?” My mum has a good heart, she works hard to look after me and raise me properly.

I want to tell her about my friends, my life and my problems but I often think she doesn’t really understand. “No mum, nothing like that.” I answer, I hate lying to her but she would only say “Jeremy, dear, your fourteen years old don’t you think it’s time you face facts and live in the real world?” I do understand where she’s coming from, of course and I’ll admit I do have an over active imagination at times...maybe that’s all it was.

“Oh, ok dear.” Answered my mum absently whist checking her watch. “I have to go to work now, please be good till I’m home.”

“I will mum.” I reassure her adding, “Have a good day at work.” As I hug her tight, not caring how un-cool it is to do so at my age and besides no one is going to find out.


Despite my outburst yesterday Dale was still waiting for me in our usual place, thinking about it now I feel guilty for walking off like that. “I’m sorry know.” I say as I draw near enough.

Dale nods “Hey, its ok man.” That’s what I most admire about Dale, he doesn’t hold a grudge and always finds a way to forgive me, even when I’ve been in a terrible mood and snapped at him for no reason. “I told Elgin and Dee about what you saw, Elgin didn’t really sound convinced but Dee did...” Dale paused here to look sideways at me. “I think she likes you.” He smirked.

“Ha-ha, you’re so very funny Dale.” I chuckle half-heartedly, there was no way it was true; Dee is possibly the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and I’m

After walking for a good ten minutes we met up with the others. “Hey.” I smile; trying to sound like everything was fine.

“Hey, Jess you seen any flying pigs today?” Jokes Elgin with a snort so loud it immediately triggers a wave of uncontrollable laughter from everyone within earshot. Despite the fact I don’t enjoy being the subject of jokes, I feel more relaxed after this outburst and the day passes in good humour.


By the time the sun was starting to set I was on my way home, I had crossed the last set of traffic lights and the roar of the cars was starting up again when an even louder noise cut through the din. Flying so low it was almost touching the buildings was a passenger jet, clearly something was wrong, planes of that size aren’t meant to fly that low, I stood transfixed unable to stop watching its slow descent.


I was only dimly aware my mouth had started to gape when I saw it, a huge shape falling out of the path of the approaching plane. In the gathering dark it was difficult to tell exactly what it was, as suddenly as it had appeared it seemed to vanish again becoming only a smudge on the horizon. A single sandy feather landed on the pavement in front of me. My heart leapt into my throat with a sickening jolt as recognition sparked through my stunned mind; I knew where the shape was heading.

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