The Shalkyries

'The city that never sleeps, soon to be the city that never wakes.'

The Shalkyries have been living right under the nose of humans for decades, plotting their fatal attack. What happens when they finally decide to take their revenge? Will anyone be able to stop them?


2. Breaking an Entry

Adriana slowed down as she approached the large white wheel in front of her. She had been examining the comings and goings of the tourists. How long the queues are on certain days, and seasons. With her many decades living right under the noses of the humans had meant she’d managed to plan her move perfectly.

10:25pm. The tourists were in numbers. People seemed to prefer to gaze upon the city of London at night, all lit up for as far as the eye could see.  Also children were never present this late at night, and Adrianna was not good with children.

10:35pm. The last of the people who had queued were making their way into the cabin. Time to make a move.

Adrianna walked casually towards a stone staircase beside the London Eye. At the bottom was a black iron fence, the ends of which had been sharpened. A big read plaque was tied to the gate saying ‘STAFF ONLY’. She walked down the stairs with her head held up, and approached the padlocked gate, looking behind her every now and then to make sure there was no one following her. As she came up to the gate she rested padlock in the palm of her right hand.  She closed her eyes for a minute and when they opened again her eyes were coloured a fiery golden orange.  As they did, the padlock melted into a bronze mush in her hand.  She let the molten mess fall to the floor and pulled the gate open. As she walked through the entrance a dark tunnel was ahead of her. She held out her hand and a hot flame appeared from her palm to light her way.

She progressed forward with caution, with a light foot so as not to make a sound. The bustling noise of London was gradually fading behind her as she followed the tunnels course right under the London Eye.

‘ENGINE ROOM’ was written haphazardly in white paint across a black door on the side of the bricked tunnel. The door was unlocked; obviously the humans were under the impression that one locked iron gate was enough to provide adequate security for the London Eye. She gently pushed the black door ajar and slipped into the loud unguarded room.

Pistons were shooting up and down, clogs were turning and control panels were stationed all over the room. Adrianna made her way towards the back of the room where a silver pole was running between two points, and some metal chord was attached between two hooks. This was all that was supporting this iconic structure. ‘Oh how stupid this race must be’ Adrianna whispered to herself.  ‘They think a pole and some wire is enough to save them’.

Adrianna stretched out her arm and put her hand on the pole, letting the metal heat up in her hand. Her eyes were closed and her concentration was so refined, when suddenly there was a creak from behind her. She was not alone. 

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